Best Dog Boots for Small Dogs – Top 5

Dog boots usually come in different sizes, color, and designs. It actually makes the dog industry fashionable and really interesting. Don’t get surprised if you would find it difficult to get the best dog boots for small dogs. There is actually a long list of dog boots available in the market and most of them are cute, funny, and lovely.

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We have here 5 of the best dog boots in the market. Also listed here are some important things for consideration that will serve as your buying guide. So, to help you filter down your choice, check our recommendation below!

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Dog Boots for Small Dogs

Below are some of the important things that you should have to look for when you opt for buying the best dog boots for small dogs.

1 – Sole texture

Actually, the primary goal of the best dog boots for small dogs is to give protection to the dog’s paws regardless of the weather. For this, dog boots must have a soft sole so that they will able to relieve any struggle that they may encounter along the way.

2 – Closure type

Isn’t it hard to think about how dogs can put on boots on their four legs? Well, even if you have the smartest dog breed in town, he may not have the ability to put on shoes on his own. That’s why manufacturers of the best dog boots for small dogs make this process easier and faster.

For them, using Velcro, zippers, or bungees as closure types is one best way to address this concern. However, you must have to ensure for security of such closures in terms of the personality of your pooch. Generally, dogs with an active lifestyle or stubborn behavior have the highest possibility to take off the boots easily with their actions.

Among the three closure types, the bungee seems to be the easiest one to take off and falling next in line is the zipper. The closure that will basically give the greatest security is the Velcro strap. But, there are some best dog boots for small dogs that feature a combination of any of the two closure types.

3 – Waterproof

Human boots usually aim to protect and keep people’s feet away from water. This concept goes the same as the best dog boots for small dogs. Among the other element, water comes in any form and will basically make your dog’s feet wet. This will eventually result in coldness or accumulating dirt over their wet feet. To avoid this, better to go for waterproof dog boots for small dogs.

4 – Size fitting

Wearing shoes with the wrong size while walking is actually disgusting. This also applies true to dogs. That’s why it is very much important to check for the size fitting instructions stated by the manufacturer. Others may tell you to make an outline of your dog’s paw and measure the drawing afterwards. That way, you will get your cute little doggo a properly fit dog boots.

5 – Ease of putting on/taking off

One good indication of the best dog boots for small dogs is to have a design that can easily slip on or off the shoes easily. The wide split seams feature actually make the dog boots easy to put on or take off.

6 – High quality materials

When you are looking for the best dog boots for small dogs, it is always good to choose the one that is made of durable materials. Dog boots that come from this type of material may generally withstand your dog’s daily activities along with the test of time. Aside from that, comfortable material is also of great consideration here to prevent possible chaffing.

7 – Visibility feature

Generally, the visibility feature of the dog boots is highly important especially during night walking. This will allow your dogs to be more visible on motorists or dark terrains. Reflective patches or glowing stitches are great dog boots accessories to perform this feature.

8 – Great design

Your dog may not actually care if he wears nice booties or not. As long as he’s comfortable with it, then it is okay. But, being a pet owner who will transform every little detail into a great one, you will probably want to give the most fashionable dog boots in town. So, with this, consider the color, pattern, and newest bootie style that would fit the looks of your pooch.

List of Best Dog Boots for Small Dogs

OUR TOP PICK: RUFFWEAR Rubber Soles Outdoor Dog Boots

Product Name: RUFFWEAR Rubber Soles Outdoor Dog Boots

Product Description: Belonging to the group of puppy friendly best dog boots for small dogs, the RUFFWEAR Rubber Soles Outdoor Dog Boots combines comfort and performance at the same time. It is a highly durable dog boots that are also resilient in providing protection on any kinds of terrains. Due to its flexible mesh materials, RUFFWEAR Rubber Soles Outdoor Dog Boots also gives extreme comfort and makes the feet of your Frenchies breathable in hot weather. Moreover, these best dog boots for small dogs, such as the French bulldogs, has Velcro straps that allow security and easily slipping off the dog’s feet. The reflective trim is a plus bonus as it can let you monitor and keep track of your Frenchies even in the dark.

Availability: InStock

  • Size fitting
  • Durability
  • Anti-slid
  • Quality


Having an overall 4.3 rating, the RUFFWEAR Rubber Soles Outdoor Dog Boots generally garnered the trust of the consumers. Due to its tough feature, this is considered the best dog boots for small dogs as it is basically comparable with hiking boots.

Product Features:

Size: 8 sizes available – 1.5” to 3.25”

Colors: 3 colors available – Blue Spring, Obsidian Black, Red Currant

Sets: 2-sets and 4-sets


  • Rugged outsole
  • Breathable mesh
  • Hook-and-loop closure system
  • With reflective trim


  • Not padded
  • Not for active dogs


QUMY Anti-Slip Dog Boots

best dog boots for small dogs

Basically, the QUMY Anti-Slip Dog Boots is one of the best dog boots for small dogs like the French bulldogs. Due to their molded rubber sole, these dog boots have non-slip and waterproof features. That’s why the QUMY Anti-Slip Dog Boots is also suitable during slick and wet seasons. Moreover, these dog boots are also rugged in addressing the ward off problems during warm weather.

These best dog boots for small dogs is very simple and has a convenient on/off style. Because of that, good fitting of the QUMY Anti-Slip Dog Boots is really perfect for your Frenchies feet. It also features a life-saving reflective Velcro that is highly useful during night walking.

As you will check the side portion of this dog boots, you will see that it has a cute paw logo embroidered on it. Generally, the best dog boots for small dogs is washable by hand and can be dried easily on air.

Product Features:

Size: 5 sizes available – SIZE 4 (2.5” x 1.9”) / SIZE 5 (2.7” x 2.2”) / SIZE 6 (2.9” x 2.5”) / SIZE 7 (3.1” x 2.7”) / SIZE 8 (3.3” x 2.9”)

Colors: Black / Red

Sets: 4-sets

  • Convenient
  • Waterproof
  • Non-slip
  • The material gets heavy when wet
  • Holds heat
  • The front portion doesn’t bend well

Canine Equipment Supreme Doggy Boots

best dog boots for small dogs

If you are looking for extremely comfortable dog boots that are also safe for your Frenchies paws, then you could never go wrong with this Canine Equipment Supreme Doggy Boots. Using these best dog boots for small dogs, you can generally guarantee that the paws of your French bulldog will always keep clean and dry. Aside from having a great appeal, these dog boots are also a great choice for being your little dog’s hiking or running buddy.

Your Frenchie will comfortably love using this dog boots as it is made of molded rubber soles from recycled materials. It will also help your Frenchie pups to be very stunning due to the blue-colored accents of these best dog boots for small dogs. Moreover, to give a perfect fit, the design of the boots on both the front and back portion comes in different styles.

Product Features:

Sizes: XS to XL

Paw width measurement: 2 inches to 3.5 inches

  • Highly durable
  • Perfect for hiking
  • Quite hard to slip on the dog’s paw

Winsoon Dog Australian Winter Boots

best dog boots for small dogs

The best dog boots for small dogs that will ultimately give your pooch that cushy feel would be the Winsoon Dog Australian Winter Boots. This dog boot is really perfect during cold seasons due to the soft fleece material that it is made of. With this, your little pooch will generally feel warm.

Moreover, it also has rubber soles so that it will offer anti-skid traction on smooth, icy surfaces. These best dog boots for small dogs is undoubtedly perfect winter boots as well. Size and color selection is large enough for you to choose from.   

Product Features:

Size: 15 sizes available – ranging from XS, S, M, L, XL

Colors: 4 colors available – Black, Dark Brown, Light Brown, Pink

Sets: 4-sets

  • Good quality
  • Rubber soles are soft and padded
  • Fabric-lined sole
  • The leg part gives warmth
  • Too high on the dog’s knee
  • Might slip on dog’s feet as they walk

Ultra Paws Lightweight Dog Boots

Keeping the dog’s feet dry and safe at all times is the main goal of the Ultra Paws Lightweight Dog Boots. Additionally, good traction will be guaranteed if your dog stands over slippery wood or tiles. It also has Velcro straps that are highly padded with foam to have a secure and comfortable snug.

Another thing that makes this one the best dog boots for small dogs is the numerous size range. The competitors of Ultra Paws Lightweight Dog Boots may only provide several sizes suitable only for smaller dogs. But this one also offers boots sizes that can also fit larger dogs.

Moreover, Ultra Paws Lightweight Dog Boots come in the lightweight feature. However, it only works well during quick trips over good weather. Basically, this means that protection for colds using these dog boots is not guaranteed.

Product Features:

Sizes: Petite to XL

Paw width measurement: 1 inch to 4 inches

  • Machine washable
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Lack of inside soft liners
  • Not suitable for walking on snow or extreme terrain

Frequently Asked Questions


A: The reason why dogs do not like wearing dog boots is that wearing them gives them an unnatural feeling and also, they don’t actually need it. Moreover, when they wear boots, their balance was taken off and friction usually occurs. Those are the reasons why dogs refuse to wear boots and not because it is cruel to them.


A: With boots on their feet, dogs walk weirdly because their feet are not intended for wearing this product. Besides, they do not really want to use something useless as they do not like the feeling of it. Naturally, dogs are walking by using their toes.


A: Dog’s paws covered with fur and collect snow in the midst of their toes usually necessitates an excellent pair of boots. Generally, snows and ice trapped on the dog’s paws are highly uncomfortable and may result in cuts. So, it is better to grab a pair of the best dog boots for small dogs.


A: There are situations that actually necessitate you to put on some socks over your dog’s paws. Actually, when their paws get hurt, covering it up with socks will really be of big help in healing or alleviating the pain. However, sometimes, pet owners feel bad as they put socks on their dog’s paws. Feeling that way is not a good idea. Besides, it might enter your mind to let them wear it on a regular basis.


A: Actually, dogs can walk on the snow with their barefoot. Yet, letting them wear dog boots will highly depend on you. And deciding if you let your pooch walk on barefoot or with dog boots over snow will also be based on your research and complete knowledge about their breed, activity level and paw pad toughness.

Final Words

The best dog boots for small dogs are highly essential in keeping their little paws dry and clean all the time. In the midst of extreme weather condition and harsh terrains, your little pooch would be comfortable roaming around with the help of dog boots. But before buying them one you need to make some important considerations like sole texture, closure type, waterproof, and size fitting. It also includes the ease of putting on/taking off, high-quality materials, visibility, great design, and other features that may come with it.

What do you think of the dog boots we reviewed here? Is there any other excellent dog boots that you know but is not included in the list? Please share your thoughts with us!