Best Crate for French Bulldog: 5 Top Crates for the Money

Depending on the behavior of your French Bulldog, there are times that you might have to consider keeping it in a crate. For this reason, you will need to get the best crate for French Bulldog. This will ensure that the pet is properly contained in the cage until you open it later in the day.

This guide comes with several options for you to consider. The idea is to narrow down to the top models in the market so that you have an easier time picking the right one. First, let us see a quick summary of the crates in the table below.

CrateBrandExpert RatingCheck Price
SMONTHER Heavy Duty Dog Crate Check Price
Polar Aurora Pet Dog Cage Check Price
ITORI Heavy Duty Metal Dog Crate Check Price
LUCKUP Heavy Duty Dog Crate Check Price
KELIXU Heavy Duty Dog Crate Check Price

How to Choose the Best Crate for French Bulldog


The materials that the manufacturer uses to make the best crate will determine its durability. If the manufacturer uses steel bars, then the chances are you will end up with a high-quality crate for your French Bulldog.

Also, the welding should be done correctly. The last thing you need is for the crate to start falling apart. This is because you would then have to replace the crate with a new one.

Ventilation and Visibility

To make your dog comfortable in the crate, then you need one that offers the best ventilation and visibility.

Ventilation is crucial to keep the dog from suffocating and generally make it comfortable even while in the crate.

Since most crates will be made of steel bars, then the visibility can still be great. You can even interact with your dog while it is still in the crate.

Ease of Cleaning

Since the dog is likely to be in the cage for hours, then it will end up leaving behind some waste either from its body or by dropping food. So, you need the best crate that will still be easy to clean. Most models would have a slide-out tray making it easier to clean the crate.

Look at other features that in general improves the process of cleaning the cage. You always have to ensure that the crate stays clean for your dog’s hygiene.


Overall portability is important when you buy a crate for your French Bulldog. Most models would be heavy and bulky as they are made of steel bars. To improve their portability, such models come with casters. These wheels help with moving the crate from indoors to outdoors and vice versa.


When it comes to security, we are talking of the latches that are meant to keep the dog from escaping from the crate. Depending on the model, some will be designed to offer the best security so that the dog does not easily escape. Some will even come with multiple latches strategically placed to tame your dog even further.

Ease of Assembly

Most of these crates will be shipped to the new owner with parts that need to be assembled. The best part is that most of the crates are easy to assemble. You will have to tighten a few screws and your crate is ready for use.

You could look at some of the reviews from other users to see if the crate would be easy to assemble.

Top 5 Best Crates for French Bulldogs

Our Top Pick

Our Top Pick: SMONTHER Heavy Duty Dog Crate

Product Name: SMONTHER Heavy Duty Dog Crate

Product Description: This is a nice dog crate for those who need to keep their dog from easily escaping. The manufacturer made it to have the special Y-pattern design so that it also looks beautiful. Just because it is a dog crate, it does not need to have a boring design. The crate is heavy duty and bite proof. Even if your bulldog loves to chew on things, that is not a problem here. There are three locks set up on the crate to prevent the dog from escaping from the crate. This dog crate comes with three doors each with different uses. The top door is for conveniently putting the dog into the cage and getting it out. Also, you can use the same to interact with the dog. The small front door makes feeding the dog a lot easier. The manufacturer uses steel bars to make the crate. The welding is done quite well to ensure that you do not end up with a cage that starts to fall apart after a few months. You will also find it being easy to clean and move it to the desired location.

  • Escape Proof
  • Durability
  • Ease of Cleaning
  • Installation
  • Portability


This is an escape proof crate that you can get for your French Bulldog right now. Its design is meant to keep the dog contained for hours until it is time to let it loose. For its size, you should find it being ideal for most medium to large dogs. You can still use it indoors and outdoors without it falling apart.

The door design makes it easy to feed your dog and interact with it while it is still in the cage. The use of steel material makes it highly durable for years to come


✔️It has an escape-proof design

✔️It is highly durable

✔️The crate is easy to install


❌It tends to rattle each time the dog moves around

Runner’s Up

Polar Aurora Pet Dog Cage

This is another top choice as the best crate for French bulldog. This is because it is designed to be extremely strong. The manufacturer uses heavy duty steel frame that makes the dog crate good in terms of durability and sturdiness. Even the aggressive dogs will be contained easily within this crate.

When it comes to moving it around, that will not be a problem since it comes with four rolling casters. These casters can help move this heavy dog crate to where you want. You can now use the crate indoors or outdoors with ease.

There are dual latches that always help in keeping the door locked. As such, you will end up with an escape proof dog cage that you will enjoy using more often. Even when the dog tries tricks to open the latches, they will remain locked unless you open them.

Having the hammer-tone finish helps to maintain the look of the dog crate for years. It also remains resistant to scuffs, rust, and scratches.

The design also allows for feeding the dog compared to some other models. There is also a catch tray at the bottom for catching the waste, food, and much more. Since the tray can slide out, it should be easy to clean this dog crate.

  • Strong dog crate
  • It has superior mobility
  • It is available in multiple sizes
  • Limited color options

ITORI Heavy Duty Metal Dog Crate

This best crate for French Bulldog is all about premium quality. We all want something that can deliver the best quality and durability. Well, this is it. For its price, the model can live up to any needs you might have to keep the dog in the crate.

This crate is made of reinforced steel. All the parts are welded meaning that you end up with a highly durable crate. Also, the frames are arranged in a way that provides the best ventilation to the dog inside. Other than ventilation, the frames also promote better visibility making the dog comfortable.

The crate will provide a convenient and safe environment for the dog. The door latches are designed to deliver the exceptional security and keeps the dog from escaping. Even if your dog is known for easily escaping from its crate, it will have a hard time doing so in this crate.

The metal frame of this cage is treated with a multi-layer coating important to keep the steel durable. It will also remain corrosion resistant and stand up to the dog’s scratches. The best part is that the coating is also safe for your dog. You will not have to worry that it might end up affecting the dog’s health even if it licks the crate more often.

  • It is easy to move
  • It is durable and non-toxic
  • The crate has a premium build
  • It could use more doors for versatility

LUCKUP Heavy Duty Dog Crate

You will get one of the best crates in the market when you decide to spend on this model. It comes with a heavy-duty frame that ensures you end up with the best dog crate to contain your dog.

The manufacturer uses strong steel so that it does not fall apart after using it for only a few months. The surface of the crate is also finished in a nontoxic coating. This should provide a safe environment for your dog all the time. This finish is also great in terms of preventing rust and scratches.

The model comes with casters. These casters on each corner makes it easy to move the cage from one place to another. Since it can be heavy even with the dog inside, it is good to know that you can easily move it around.

As for the assembly, you will also find this model being easy to set up. It should take you around five minutes to have the model up and ready to use. Some of the other parts are already preassembled, so you should not have a hard time setting it up.

There is the removable plastic tray at the bottom. This tray is important for catching the food and other types of waste. Since you can simply slide it out, then it should be easy to clean the crate.

  • It is available in several sizes
  • It is made of heavy duty frame
  • The assembly process is easy
  • Some find it pricey for a dog crate

KELIXU Heavy Duty Dog Crate

If you want something within the affordable range and still the best crate for French Bulldog, then this is it. The manufacturer made it to be safe and reliable. This is because it is made of heavy-duty steel bars that are also coated in a finish that makes them corrosion resistant.

Even if your pet loves to lick surfaces, the coating is safe for it. It will not end up affecting them. Since it is strong and reliable, even the aggressive pets will have a hard time escaping from the crate.

Another thing that makes this a great crate should be the wheels. The wheels will make the crate easy to move around. With the dog in the crate, it can be heavier. So, it is always nice to know that you can get the best mobility.

The design of the cage makes it good in terms of ventilation and visibility. You will always have enough space to interact with your dog while it is still in the crate. Since visibility is great, your dog should then be comfortable even if you have to keep it in the crate the whole day.

This crate is still easy to clean. The plastic tray at the bottom easily slides out. You should then have an easy time keeping the crate clean all the time.

  • It offers excellent mobility
  • There is excellent ventilation and visibility
  • It is easy to clean
  • The wheels can get squeaky with time


What is the best crate size for a French Bulldog?

We recommend going for a crate size of 30 inches. You can go for a larger crate, but at 30 inches, you should have enough room for the pet to be comfortable.

Are French Bulldog crates durable?

This will largely depend on the material used to make the crate. If the crate is made of steel bars that are well-welded, then you can be sure of a strong crate that lasts for many years.

Where can you buy a French Bulldog crate?

You can easily get one from a pet store close to you. Online stores can also be a nice place to look for the best crate for French Bulldog. This is because you get more options available from one online store.


It does not have to be hard to end up with the best crate for French Bulldog. We have highlighted the top models so that you do not have to spend hours going through hundreds of options. The crates above are worth every penny that you get to spend on them. As such, you will always find it worth investing in them. We have tried to highlight the best models for each price range so that you can get a model that is great and still within your budget.