Best Cooling Vest for French Bulldogs: Top 5

Like most dogs, Frenchies love exploring the outdoors. But they need extra care as they’re prone to overheating due to their bulky builds. And the best way to address this is by getting a cooling vest. So, what is the best cooling vest for French Bulldogs?

The best ones are durable, breathable, and, most importantly, cooling! That’s why besides getting a reliable leash, invest in a quality vest. 

For this post, I perused over 50 cooling vests in the market to pick the best ones you must consider. Keep your Frenchie active, happy, and refreshed, and check out the cooling vests below!

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SGODA Cooling Vest
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Do French Bulldogs Really Need A Cooling Vest?

Cooling vests help dogs stay cool and comfortable under the heat. And this is especially useful to French Bulldogs who are vulnerable to the heat. These offer a simple way of cooling off your dogs, keeping them cool, dry—and happy! 

If you’re still not convinced of getting a vest for your dog, here are more reasons why Frenchies need cooling vests:

  • They can’t regulate their body temp well. Unlike other breeds, Frenchies aren’t as efficient in regulating body temperature. These dogs need extra help to do this.
  • They have a higher chance of getting heatstroke. Thanks to their bulky stature and flat face, Frenchies are more prone to heatstroke. When left unaddressed, the consequences can be fatal. 
  • It gets worse over the years. As French Bulldogs become older, their risk of succumbing to heatstroke increases. After all, like most aging dogs, Frenchies grow weaker as they age.

On that note, if you’re planning to buy a cooling vest for your Frenchie, the five products below will not disappoint!

Best Cooling Vest for French Bulldogs – Our Top Picks!



Product Name: SGODA Cooling Vest

Product Description: If you're looking for the best cooling vest for French bulldogs, look no further than the SGODA Cooling Vest. Thanks to its impressive design and technology, it has become one of the best picks for Frenchies on the market. The vest uses a 3-layer cooling fabric that evaporates water fast, keeping your Frenchie cool and dry. In addition, it uses reflective heat technology that makes the vest work like a parasol, warding off the heat from the sun. Moreover, it uses a lightweight material that lets the vest adjust quickly to a French bulldog's body shape. Finally, the vest comes with highly visible straps, ensuring you and your pup's safety. With this, your pup can not only use it as a vest but as a harness as well. Overall, for the best quality, efficiency, and flexibility, choose SGODA.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Design
  • Cooling effect
  • Comfort
  • Durability


This cooling vest is taking comfort and durability to the next level. Staying cool and active is now possible with SGODA’s unique Zinc-alloy D-Ring, making the vest comfy and durable enough to withstand all Frenchies.

In addition, it comes in different sizes catering to French bulldogs of all builds. But the best part is, the vest comes with a flexible velcro and zipper. So not only will your dog be cool, they’ll be comfortable and unrestricted. With this, you can be confident to bring your Frenchie outdoors than ever before.


  • Has an adjustable design
  • Extremely durable
  • Lightweight
  • Uses lightweight material for maximum comfort
  • Doubles as a harness


  • A little pricey
  • Not from a well-known brand, but its quality and value for money make up for it


Hurtta Cooling Vest

Are you looking for a quality vest for your Frenchie but are on a budget? Look no further than Hurtta Cooling Vest! It’s a cooling vest made for smaller dog breeds like French Bulldogs. With this, your Frenchie can look slick while staying cool.

This product stands out because it covers the chest area with extra attention. That means not only does it keep French Bulldogs cool, but it also regulates their blood circulation. So if your pup has lung or heart problems, this vest is your best bet.

Also, thanks to its design can provide a more prolonged cooling effect around the chest and lungs. With this, your Frenchie will be able to breathe better, adding more to its cooling capability.

Aside from that, it uses a unique fabric that makes it more efficient than standard Terry cloth. It gives the vest a higher absorption capacity, making it durable enough for any activity. Moreover, it has attachment loops for leashes, giving you better control over your dog when out for walks. So whether for intense training sessions or casual walks, Hurtta is here to cool off your pup!

But the best part is about this vest is that you get to enjoy all of these for a modest price. It has the lowest price on this list, making it ideal for those looking to save without skimping on quality.

The only issue with this cooling vest is that it’s short and only reaches a French Bulldog’s torso halfway. For this reason, it can’t provide the protection needed against harmful UV rays. Anyway, it still does an excellent job in cooling down French Bulldogs. Not to mention, it’s light on the pockets!

  • Flexible design
  • Protects the lungs and heart
  • Offers lasting cooling effects
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Too short
  • Can’t protect a dog against UV rays

RUFFWEAR Jet Stream Cooling Vest

When it comes to quality cooling vests for dogs, a brand you can’t miss is Ruffwear. And one of the best picks for Frenchies is the RUFFWEAR Jet Stream Cooling Vest. It uses advanced shade and evaporative cooling technology that keeps dogs cool even after intense activities.

Moreover, the vest’s layered construction adds more to its cooling effects. With this, your Frenchie can stay refreshed even in hot and humid environments. Its outer layer promotes intense heat reflection and water evaporation. As a result, it can cool off French Bulldogs without issue.

Aside from excellent cooling capabilities, this vest ensures comfort for all French Bulldogs. It follows a lightweight design, preventing chafing and promoting more freedom! Not to mention, it’s easy to use and wear.

Finally, the vest comes with reflective stripping that makes your dog visible even under low-light conditions. This way, you can ensure your Frenchie’s safety even in dark environments.

However, the issue here is that it isn’t the best for larger Frenchies due to its design. That’s because the vest is too long, and the sizing guidelines are inaccurate. Anyway, it can fit slim and average-sized French Bulldogs without issue. So unless you have an obese Frenchie, this shouldn’t be an issue.

Overall, if you have a highly active dog, RUFFWEAR Jet Stream Cooling Vest is your best choice. Just remember to choose the size carefully.

  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Multi-layered
  • Highly visible
  • Inaccurate sizes

Smartelf Reflective Cooling Vest

If you often go for walks with your Frenchie at night, go with the Smartelf Reflective Cooling Vest. It’s a good choice for late-night walks during the summer, keeping your dog cool and visible.

This cooling vest is made of top-quality PVA and intricate construction, ensuring long-term usage. Moreover, it manages to stay lightweight despite being sturdy. With this, you don’t need to think about the vest chafing your Frenchie’s skin. Not to mention, it makes it more breathable for your dog.

Aside from that, this vest uses natural evaporation and heat reflection to keep your dog cool. Its three layers ensure maximum cooling efficiency for comfortable and lasting use. And whether your dog uses it in hot or humid environments, it works flawlessly.

But the best part is, this vest is easy to use. All you need to do is soak in water, wring it out, and put it on your French Bulldog. Furthermore, it comes with side-release buckles for easy adjustments. With this, you can keep your pup cool and happy on the go.

Finally, it has reflective bands that make the vest highly visible. As a result, you and your Frenchie can go on late-night walks more safely.

Overall, this cooling vest is perfect for owners who like to bring their Frenchies outdoors during later hours of the day. It keeps your dog cool, visible, and safe.

  • Reflective design
  • Lightweight
  • Uses breathable material
  • Multi-layered
  • Easy to use
  • A little flimsy
  • Gets twisted quickly

RUFFWEAR Swamp Cooler Evaporative Cooling Vest

My last pick for the best cooling vest for French Bulldogs is another contender from Ruffwear, the Swamp Cooler Evaporative Cooling Vest. This vest offers ample protection from the sun, keeping all Frenchies cool. From intense summer activities like hiking to casual walks around the park, Ruffwear has got your pup covered!

It uses a three-layer fabric that streamlines the evaporation process. Its outer layer reflects the sun and heat while facilitating evaporation. Next, the middle layer absorbs the water, providing cooling effects. Finally, it has an inner mesh lining, keeping your Frenchie dry and comfortable.

Moreover, the vest offers decent coverage and UPF protection of 50+. So not only are you keeping your dogs cool, but you’re also protecting them from the sun.

Aside from that, the vest comes with side-release buckles and an integrated leash portal for your convenience. With these, putting on and taking off the vest should be a breeze no matter the size of your dog. Not to mention, it gives your French Bulldog more freedom to move around.

Overall, this cooling vest is an excellent pick for owners with highly active Frenchies. It provides superior cooling without restricting your dog’s movements.

The only problem is that it’s a little pricier than the rest. Anyway, if you don’t mind splurging a bit, this vest is an excellent choice.

  • Soft and lightweight
  • Available in different sizes
  • Promotes more freedom
  • Has adjustable buckles and zippers
  • Durable
  • Expensive
  • Isn’t as visible as other cooling vests

Choosing the Best Cooling Vest for Four Frenchie (Buying Guide)

So, how can you tell quality cooling vests from cheap knock-offs? From looking at the cooling ability down to its sizing, here’s how you choose the best cooling vest for French Bulldogs:

❄️Cooling Capability

When choosing a cooling vest for Frenchies, its cooling abilities are the first thing to look for. After all, every owner wants a vest to keep their dog refreshed as long as possible. So check the vest’s cooling power and capability before anything else.

Ideally, the vest should be able to keep your Frenchie cool for at least 20 minutes. However, this still depends on how humid your surroundings are. But generally, a vest that can last to that point is an excellent choice. 

Anything lesser than that means the vest dries fast, losing its cooling power. 

🦺 Visibility

Although few manufacturers focus on this, visibility is still a crucial factor to consider when buying a cooling vest. After all, it still gets hot at night, and safety should always be your priority. So when looking for a cooling vest, ensure it has decent visibility. This way, you and your Frenchie can stay during the evening. 

Generally, the best cooling vests use light reflective strips for better visibility. 

➕ Layers

The more layers of fabric a cooling vest has, the more efficient it usually is. Ideally, it should have a mesh lining and an outer and middle layer. Having a mesh lining helps keep your Frenchie dry and comfy, giving them more freedom. Meanwhile, the middle layer stores the water. Finally, the outer part reflects heat, streamlining water evaporation. 

🧵 Material

Your Frenchie’s safety and comfort should be your priority. So make sure to get a vest that won’t chafe your dog’s skin. You can begin by looking at the product’s material. From there, you should be able to tell which one is safe for your Frenchie. 

☀️ Sun Reflectivity 

The ability to reflect the sun is crucial as it adds extra cooling properties to the vest. You can tell a quality cooling vest afar from knock-offs by looking at its number of layers. For instance, the more fabric a vest has, the more efficient it reflects heat. It helps reflect more sun rays, adding an extra cooling boost. 

🦮 Collar and Leash Compatibility

I suggest choosing a vest that’s compatible with your dog’s leash and collar. This way, you can use the vest as a harness for your convenience. 

📏 Size

Finally, the most crucial factor is the cooling vest’s size. Ensuring the proper fit guarantees your Frenchie’s comfort and safety. So before you choose a vest, measure your pup to get their accurate sizing. 

Keep in mind that manufacturers have different sizing guidelines, so always read these before buying a vest. 

Keeping Your French Bulldog Cool – Tips to Keep in Mind

Cooling vests aren’t enough to protect your Frenchie from heatstroke. So besides buying the best cooling vest for French Bulldogs, keep the tips below in mind. With these, your Frenchie should be able to play and explore outdoors without issues. 

  • Keep your Frenchie away from direct sunlight. Although always staying in the shade is not possible, make an effort. Doing so not only protects your pup from the heat but also keeps them safe from UV rays. Not to mention, it protects your Frenchie’s paws from hot pavements and grounds. 
  • Let your French Bulldog hydrate regularly. When going out for walks, allow your Frenchie to drink water at least every 15 to 40 minutes. 
  • Use dog sunscreen. If your pup has lighter or thinner fur, apply canine sunscreen. This way, your Frenchie can frolic without getting sunburnt. 
  • Take breaks. Even if your Frenchie is used to walking or playing outdoors, give them rest breaks. Ideally, your pup should take a break every 15 minutes. Doing so keeps them cool, preventing overheating. 
  • Be wary of your Frenchie’s demeanor. Since heatstroke is common in French Bulldogs, always check your pup’s wellbeing. And this especially applies when outdoors under the scorching sun. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are cooling vests safe for French Bulldogs?

A: Regular cooling vests that use water are generally safe for Frenchies of all ages and sizes. On the other hand, those that use ice can be dangerous to smaller dog breeds. It can make your French Bulldog feel uncomfortable, especially if they have joint problems. 

Q: How can I help my French Bulldog cool down?

A: Using a cooling vest can help your Frenchie cool down on the go, making it a convenient choice. However, you can try other cooling methods to help these dogs cool down. These include taking them for a swim, trimming their fur, or spraying them with water.

Q: Why do French Bulldogs overheat easily?

A: Frenchies tend to overheat fast thanks to their stocky build and flat face. These factors make it harder for them to breathe, making them prone to heat. So though high temperatures can be bad for many dog breeds, they can be fatal to French Bulldogs.

Final Thoughts

With the best cooling vest for French Bulldogs, your pup can now enjoy their time outdoors regardless of how hot it is. So aside from keeping your dog hydrated, under the shade, and well-groomed, buy a quality vest. Getting one ensures more fun, safety, and coolness for your Frenchie—literally! And the products I mentioned will meet all your pup’s needs without issue.