Best Chew Toys for French Bulldogs

Frenchies make great therapists because they ease your mind in a flash. When you share your life with a Frenchie and give you that adorable questioning look when you are feeling down, you know you have a friend. By nature, Frenchies are always happy, so you can count on them to uplift your mood. If you want a cuddle, Frenchies are easygoing and loving. They will hug you back the best way they can with their little arms. If you love your Frenchie, you will make sure they are constantly stimulated and entertained. Best chew toys for French bulldogs provide hours of fun for your pet and reminds them that their owners will give them everything they need to feel fulfilled and happy. 

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Best chew toys for French bulldogs–tips to get your dog playing with the toys

How do you play with your Frenchie? You mustn’t just give them a toy but also be with them as they play to have good bonding moments with them. Dog experts suggest that the best way to play with a Frenchie is to get down on the ground. Playtime will be more engaging with your dog if they see you on the same level as them. Manipulate the toy around to make the toy more exciting for your dog. It is important to get their interest so they will start playing and moving around, which will be beneficial to their health. 

It should be noted that Frenchies were bred as companion dogs, so they naturally want you close by. Suitable toys that you can buy for your dog are toys that promote interaction between you and your pet. You may have a busy schedule and do not have the time for your pet, but it is crucial to free up some time in your schedule to play with your dog. If there are times when you or a family member cannot play or provide companionship with your Frenchie, there are some good toys for solo play that will keep them entertained. 

Short-faced dogs

Frenchies are short-faced and are brachycephalic. They have atypical windpipe and trachea, which result in the breed to have respiratory issues. The toys should be safe and not interfere with their breathing. Some Frenchies may get breathing issues with toys that are especially carried in the mouth. Plush toys should also be avoided since they tend to get wet from saliva and end up dirty and messy. Frenchies are also predisposed to drooling, so imagine all of that slime on their toys. 

It should also be noted that Frenchies are hardheaded breeds. A lot of toys on the market can help your dog get mental stimulation. Puzzle toys provide endless hours of challenge and stimulation. Toys that give time-released treats or need to be solved to produce a treat are also perfect for French bulldogs. These toys will motivate your dog to keep moving and thinking, which will result in a healthier dog. 

Best chew toys for French bulldogs- toy selection tip

When you go to a pet shop, you will be making the toy selection. You will never know just what your dog is thinking, and you may end up choosing a toy that they may not like.  

You must give your Frenchie the toy of their dreams, and the only way to make sure you hit the jackpot is to give them a wide variety of toys. Your Frenchie will choose what they think they will be happiest with. There is a wide array of toys out there to spoil your little Frenchie. From crinkly toys to chew toys, make sure you’ve got one of each. 

You Frenchie will eventually choose one or several toys over others. You would never have known what they liked if you haven’t given them a wide selection. 


Best Chew Toys for French Bulldogs

Rawhides have an aromatic scent and taste, so your Frenchie will leap at the chance to get their canine teeth on some rawhide. Rawhide is a treat that should never be given to Frenchies. The health of your pet will be at risk once they get their fangs on rawhide. Even if you are closely monitoring them, you are still risking their lives. Your Frenchie will chew on the rawhide until it is soft and moist. They will end up swallowing the entire thing. Once inside the system, the rawhide will swell and enlarge, causing their digestive tract to be blocked. There are numerous treats and toys you can give your Frenchie. Avoid the rawhide. 

Best chew toys for French bulldogs– safety first

You must inspect your pets’ toys frequently. They should be safe and in good condition. Toys tend to deteriorate and get damaged after some time. Small pieces may get dislodged and be swallowed by your dog. Tennis balls look harmless, but a determined dog can swallow the whole thing, and the end result would be a disaster. 

Your dog mustn’t swallow hard and harmful materials like chemicals and plastic. Once the toy loses its shape or starts deteriorating, get rid of the toy promptly. Keep your Frenchie safe and buy them another toy.  

It is also important to keep an eye on your pet as much as possible while they play. There will be fewer chances of accidents if you are vigilant

French Bulldog Quick Overview

French bulldogs belong to the toy category and have their origins in England. They became popular in Europe, especially France. Their unique features, particularly their bat-like ears, are much loved and entrance many owners. The Frenchie is small with a short coat and wrinkly skin. The Frenchie is a breed of a bulldog but smaller. They can weigh up to twenty-two to twenty-seven pounds. 

French bulldogs are highly social, and they make great playmates for kids and even adult dog lovers. Frenchies tend to bond with one owner, but they will be equally friendly to the rest of the family until they get exhausted from entertaining. 

Play tips for French bulldogs

All dog breeds require some kind of activity. Regular walks will suffice for a Frenchie. They need some form of exercise to help them keep a normal weight. Frenchies are particularly sensitive to heat, so playtime should be in temperature-controlled conditions during the summer. Frenchies are naturally playful, so a simple ball toy can get them wild and ready for action. 

Best Chew Toys for French Bulldogs

It is crucial to remember that Frenchies have an aggressive tendency. Always keep this in mind when you are training or playing with them. Positive enforcement is crucial to eliminate all kinds of bad behavior. Reprimanding them with physical punishment will only make matters worse. Overall, Frenchies aim to please, so give them lots of opportunities to exhibit their friendly attitude. Socialization at an early age is crucial, so your pet won’t be aggressive with strangers and other animals. They also tend to overwork their toys with their intense play, so choose durable and high-quality toys.  

Games you can play with a French Bulldog 

If you want to bond with your Frenchie, take them out to the dog park and expose them to other pets and animals. This is also a great opportunity to get your dog socialized, especially if they are still pups. You can also take them to beaches that allow dogs, but with their rather short and fat legs, they won’t be in the waters with you.  

Another way to play with your dog is through freestyle. In this type of play, the owners play with their pets by dancing and moving around with them. Freestyle is popular and is even a sport. If you are embarrassed dancing in public, you can do freestyle in the comfort of your home and be as crazy and creative as you can. 

Top 3 best chew toys for French bulldogs

Our Top Pick


Product Name: KONG Jumbler Ball Dog Toy

Product Description: Kong toys are beloved for years and are already classics. They are made from durable material and stimulate your pet mentally and physically. They provide hours of fun. The Kong offers a two in one ball, which is great when you are playing with your Frenchie or if they are playing solo. It is both a puzzle toy and a fetch toy. There is a tennis ball hidden inside which is safely housed in hard, durable Kong plastic. This toy provides loads of opportunities to play with your dog. Your dog will see the tennis ball moving around the encasement, and the sounds provided will give them auditory stimulation. It is mentally and physically engaging. This best chew toy for French bulldogs is also versatile. It can be a puzzle played solo or an interactive toy that lets you play fetch. The Kong quality build will give you the confidence that this toy will be of use for a long period.


This toy has two in one ball features that makes interactive play highly interesting. The tennis ball makes this toy a curious piece for dogs, and the loud squeaking will be something that will delight them. The ball has handles that make picking and shaking it up easy. This toy can withstand intense play. You can use it for hours of playing fetch, and it won’t get damaged. The Kong guarantees fun hours and lots of play. 


  • Provides hours of interactive fun
  • Durable material
  • Has many features including sounds


  • Does not last long

Runners Up

Goughnuts Original Medium Dog Chew Toy Ring for Aggressive Chewers from 30-70 Pounds

Goughnuts Original Medium Dog Chew

Some Frenchies simply love to chew, and this toy is one way in which you satisfy their aggressive chewing. Give them this toy instead of your sofa. This toy functions both as a chew toy and a fetch toy. Frenchies can be energetic with their play, so this toy is something that will satisfy

The is chew toy is made of natural rubber with enforced carbon material. The outside ring will tend to wear down after long use, and once the inner ring becomes visible, which is shown as an exposed red ring, it’s time to get a replacement. 


The rubber can withstand a lot of abuse since it is built by the same engineers that make rubber for aircraft. This rubber is durable and tested to withstand strong forces such as your dog. Best of all, this best chew doesn’t just come in one size. The sizes will suit every dog. Every dog jaw is different, and keeping the jaw more open while chewing makes for healthy chewing habits. 

  • Virtually indestructible, built for aggressive chewers
  • Rubber is the same as the ones used by astronauts
  • Saves you money from ruined furniture
  • May get swallowed and cause blockages

Chuckit Classic Dog Ball Launcher

Chuckit Classic

Frenchies are little monsters who can run like missiles. You can always throw a ball the old-fashioned way that is using your hand, but there are advantages to using the Chuckit. For one thing, you can throw a ball thrice as far without hurting your arm. The handles are ergonomic. Plus, when it is time to retrieve the ball, you don’t have to pick it with your hands. The launcher does the job. 

Energetic Frenchies will have a lot of fulfilling play with the Chuckit. They will do whatever it takes to catch the ball and run long distances. On the other hand, you will be relaxed since the launcher lets you throw the ball far distances without much effort. 


This launcher will triple your throwing speed. You can get your dogs exercised and release some pent-up energy. The chuck it is an essential toy that gives hours of fun. It is portable to carry around at just two feet in length. Put this in your car or on your bag and have fun times with your pet. 

  • Great for backyard use
  • Lightweight and durable plastic
  • hands-free pickup
  • Deteriorates over time

Final thoughts

Frenchies are dogs with a need for stimulation and activity. Getting a pet is just like having children; you need to be a responsible pet owner and give your Frenchies the best chew toys for French bulldogs. Provide your beloved little monsters hours of fun and play, but, remember that what they will cherish most is your time, attention, and the games you will play together.