Best Chew Sticks for French Bulldogs – Top Picks!

Like other dogs, French Bulldogs love chewing. After all, what pup doesn’t? And for a safer and tastier option, getting the best chew sticks for French Bulldogs is ideal. They keep your dog’s teeth and gums clean—and free from any dental issues. The best ones are healthy, sturdy, and, most importantly, delicious. I made this article to narrow down the best picks for your Frenchie. Check them out below!

 Our Top Pick! 
Natural Farm 100% Beef Chew Sticks (Non-GMO)
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Jack&Pup Odor-Free Chew Sticks Check Price
Barkworthies Odor-Free Chew Sticks Check Price
Nature Gnaws Braided Chew Sticks Check Price
Sancho & Lola's Grain-free, High Protein Chew Sticks Check Price

Why Chew Sticks are Great for French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs love to chew, but their teeth aren’t strong enough for most things. So to save you from sacrificing your valuables, here’s where chew sticks come in. These are single-ingredient chewable treats that are easy to digest. Also, unlike real bones, these are smoother, less tough, and tastier! 

Aside from being safe, chew sticks offer other health benefits for French Bulldogs. For instance, some consist of pure beef muscle, providing a healthy amount of amino acids. And these treats improve your dog’s coat, skin, brain, and muscles. 

Moreover, chew sticks are usually free from additives, preservatives, and other artificial chemicals. As a result, even dogs with allergies or sensitives can enjoy gnawing without worry. 

Give your French Bulldog a chew stick or two as part of their routine for the best results. With this, you can preserve your dog’s teeth and smile—long-term. 

Best Chew Sticks for French Bulldogs – Our Top 5


OUR TOP PICK: Natural Farm 100% Beef Chew Sticks (Non-GMO)

Product Name: Natural Farm 100% Beef Chew Sticks (Non-GMO)

Product Description: As its name says, Natural Farm 100% Beef and Non-GMO Chew Sticks are all-natural chew sticks. It's a single-ingredient chew stick perfect for French Bulldogs of any age and size. Each stick is made from 100% beef from free-range cows in Brazil. Moreover, they're free from any hormones, additives, and chemicals. Aside from that, these chew sticks have some of the best taste in the market. After all, each one has oven-baked to perfection, preserving the nutrients—and flavor! But the best part is, these sticks come in different variations. From springs to braided chew sticks: Natural Farm has got your back. Finally, these chew sticks also clean plaque from your dog's teeth, thanks to their stiffness. With this, your Frenchie can enjoy chewing without worry. Overall, if health, taste, and value for money are your priorities, choose Natural Farm. Your Frenchie will keep coming back for more in no time.

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  • Ingredients
  • Packaging
  • Nutritional value
  • Value for money


Besides being all-natural, nutritious, and tasty, these chew sticks come in different sizes. So regardless of your French Bulldog’s chewing style, Natural Farm has got you covered. You can choose anything from standard to extra thin sticks. With this, no Frenchie gets left behind!

Moreover, Natural Farm runs on sustainable operations. The company gives away a part of its sales to organizations helping animals globally. So, not only are you giving the best chew stick to your French Bulldog, but you’re also helping others.


  • Single-ingredient
  • Made from grass-fed and free-range cows
  • Free from artificial preservatives
  • Uses sustainable packaging
  • Available in different sizes


  • Some reviews have complained about the chew sticks having inconsistent sizings
  • A little pricey


Jack&Pup Odor-Free Chew Sticks

Is your French Bulldog suffering from poor dental health? Jack&Pup Odor-Free Chew Sticks can help. These are perfect for French Bulldogs to chew on as they’re not too stiff or rough. With these chew sticks, dogs can now keep their teeth and gums healthy, all while enjoying a treat!

Aside from that, these chew sticks use all-natural ingredients, ensuring nutritional value. Each one is made from grass-fed cattle approved by the USDA. Moreover, these sticks are boiled, smoked, roasted, and dried without artificial additives. As a result, your dog can enjoy each stick longer!

In addition, the process the chew sticks go through helps them stay fresh longer. And not to mention, it keeps each stick odor-free. So not only is it beneficial for your dog, but it’s also great for your nose! But keep in mind that once your dog starts gnawing on a stick, it’ll eventually develop a musty smell.

Jack&Pup makes the chew sticks in different sizes, ranging from standard to jumbo. Also, these come in braided or curled shapes. So, you can pick a chew stick variation that fits your dog best.

Some reviews have complained that the stick became unbearably stinky once chewed on. Anyway, you can just replace the used sticks with new ones. After all, each pack comes with 25 chew sticks!

  • Made from grass-fed cattle
  • USDA-certified ingredients
  • Each pack contains 25 chew sticks
  • Contains no artificial additives or chemicals
  • Available in different sizes
  • A few reviews stated that the chew sticks becomes unbearably smelly when chewed
  • Some chew sticks have inconsistent sizing

Barkworthies Odor-Free Chew Sticks

If the odor that chew sticks leave behind is a big issue for you, look no further than Backworthies! Barkworthies Odor-Free Chew Sticks are single-ingredient chews free from any artificial additives. For this reason, most remain entirely odor-free even after excess chewing.

These medium-strength chew sticks can satisfy the gnawing needs of Frenchies without issues. After all, not only are they tasty, but they’re incredibly tough and smooth as well! In addition, they’re highly digestible. So you can leave your Frenchie to chew on each stick all day long without worry.

What’s more, these chew sticks use the highest quality ingredients. Each one contains grass-fed and free-range cattle from South America. They’re simple, wholesome, and incredibly delicious, perfect for healthy and happy Frenchies!

Aside from that, these chew sticks come in different styles. So whether your dog is a light or hard chewer, there’s something for every dog! From braided to standard chew sticks, Barkworthies has it all.

Overall, Barkworthies is a brand that won’t only promote a healthy smile for your dog but also leaves your home odor-free!

However, I noticed the package had inconsistently sized chew sticks. Anyway, each pack comes with five chews, so you can always change it up.

  • Odor-free
  • It does not contain artificial preservatives
  • Made from grass-fed cattle
  • Available in different shapes and sizes
  • Affordable
  • Some chew sticks had iconsistent sizes
  • Each pack only comes with 5 chew sticks

Nature Gnaws Braided Chew Sticks

Are you looking for a chew stick tough enough to satisfy an aggressive chewer? Then Nature Gnaws Braided Chew Sticks is your best. A treat and dental stick in one, this braided stick is perfect for dogs with heavy chewing habits. Its thickness help removes plaque with each bite—promoting better dental health.

Each braided chew stick consists of three strips of beef braided together. These are made from grass-fed and free-range cows, free from artificial additives. What’s more, each stick is cleaned and oven-baked to perfection, giving you a treat and chew stick in one.

Moreover, Nature Gnaws rely on human-grade foot testing on all their products. That means each chew stick goes through an extensive process to ensure it’s free from any bacteria.

As a result, only the cleanest and highest quality chews get to your dog’s mouth!

Finally, each stick offers lasting simulation and taste thanks to its braided shape. It’s the perfect treat to reward and occupy your French Bulldog for long periods.

Overall, if you have a French Bulldog with aggressive chewing habits, choose Nature Gnaws. With this, as a dog owner, you can be confident that your Frenchie is getting 100% quality, taste, and nutrition!

  • Free from artificial ingredients
  • Single-ingredient
  • Made from 100% grass-fed and free-range cows
  • Affordable
  • Raw-hide free
  • Since it’s not designed to be odor-free, these chew sticks can be smelly once chewed
  • Some have inconsistent sizings
  • Each pack only comes with three sticks

Sancho & Lola's Grain-free, High Protein Chew Sticks

If you have more than one French Bulldog to satisfy, I recommend Sancho & Lola’s Chew Sticks. These can be bought in bulks for an affordable price. So not only is this product convenient, but it also saves you money in the long run.

Aside from that, Sancho & Lola’s Grain-free, High Protein Chew Sticks are as nutritious as they get. They’re made from 100% free-range and grass-fed cows in North and South America. Also, each stick is free from artificial additives. So, you can be confident all your dogs get quality sticks!

These charcuterie-style chew sticks are available in different sizes. From traditional to thick variations, there’s something for your dogs! What’s more, the sticks are also available in different ranges of smells. You can choose moderate to odor-free, depending on your preferences.

However, be warned that the moderate odor chew sticks can get pretty smelly. So if you don’t want your home to smell like musty meat, go odor-free. Otherwise, choose the former if you plan on giving the sticks to your dogs outdoors.

Finally, not only will you be saving money with each purchase from Sancho & Lola’s, but you’ll also be helping out other dogs in need. After all, a portion of the brand’s proceeds goes to local dog rescues.

  • Free from growth hormones and chemicals
  • Made in the USA
  • It contains grass-fed and free-range beef
  • Affordable
  • Available in bulk
  • Moderate odor chew sticks can be really smelly
  • Sizes of the chew sticks might vary in the bag itself
  • Some have complained these to be too hard for young French Bulldogs

Choosing the Best Chew Sticks for French Bulldogs (Buying Guide)

So, how can you tell if a chew stick can meet your Frenchie’s needs? From the right size to sourcing, here’s what you must look for when buying chew sticks for French Bulldogs:

🦴 Stick size

It’s best to pick chew sticks based on your dog’s size. For instance, for adult French Bulldogs, medium-sized sticks should work. After all, if the chew sticks are too small, they might become a choking hazard. But if you have an aggressive chewer, pick something thicker like braided sticks. 

On the other hand, if you have a pup, it’s best to stick with smaller versions. Also, getting big chew sticks isn’t ideal as Frenchies might get frustrated gnawing. 

🦴 Type of sticks

Chew sticks come in various shapes, sizes, and compositions. From actual animal bones to rawhides, here are the types of chew sticks to consider:

  • Real Bone – These are incredibly sturdy and stiff, which isn’t the best choice for French Bulldogs. After all, they might damage a Frenchie’s tiny mouth and teeth. 
  • Tendons and Muscles – This chew stick is an excellent pick for Frenchies as it’s softer and lasts for a while. Moreover, consumption is safe as it’s soft and nutritious. 
  • Vegetable Bone – For an all-natural experience, choose vegetable bone chew sticks. These are made from organic ingredients safe for French Bulldogs. 
  • Rawhide – These are perfect for adult French Bulldogs as they’re not too stiff. Just make sure you get the appropriate chew stick size for your dog. 

🦴 Chewing strength

French Bulldogs have different chewing strengths. Some would gnaw more frequently than others. So it’s crucial to know what your Frenchie is capable of when it comes to chewing. Generally, gummy chew sticks fit French Bulldogs who like gnawing often.

🦴 Odor

Unfortunately for you, as an owner, chew sticks can smell horrendous. So even if your dog adores the scent, if you don’t want your home smelling bad, choose odor-free sticks. These chew sticks get cooked longer, removing their nasty smell and moisture. 

However, remember that ‘odor-free’ chew sticks can still become smelly over time. On the other hand, if you can stand the smell, choose a chew stick that suits your dog the best regardless of its odor.

🦴 Sources

Most manufacturers list where their chew sticks came from, whether real or synthetic. For your French Bulldog’s safety, health, and satisfaction, it’s best to choose sticks made from free-range animals. Additionally, products made from animals fed with natural food are also ideal.

Additional Tips to Control Your French Bulldog’s Chewing

If you’re struggling to satisfy your dog’s chewing needs, pair the best chew sticks with preventive measures. Below are additional tips to help you achieve the best results with chew sticks for French Bulldogs:

  • Pay attention. Protect French Bulldogs from their curiosity and stop them from chewing early on. Doing so prevents their dangerous habit of gnawing on everything—literally. 
  • Be more mindful of your things. Store everything that you think your French Bulldog might chew on. So whether it’s shoes, clothes, or children’s toys, keep everything from your dog. 
  • Let your dog exercise regularly. Allowing your French Bulldog to participate in age-appropriate physical activities can help them stay distracted. With this, they shouldn’t have the urge to chew. 
  • Choose dog toys wisely. It’s best only to purchase dog chew toys designed for French Bulldogs. These usually have the right size, consistency, and durability your Frenchie needs. 
  • Distract your dog. When you see French Bulldogs chewing on something they shouldn’t, distract them. You can do this by giving them an appropriate item to gnaw on, like a toy or treat. 
  • Don’t let your dog chew on your valuables. Avoid giving your dog your valuables like shoes or clothes to chew on, as this can lead to heavy chewing habits. Also, this lets your Frenchie associate these items with chewing. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does a French Bulldog like chewing on?

A: Since French Bulldogs naturally like to chew, they may gnaw on any item they may see. But generally, these small dogs like chewing on anything tasty! 

Q: Are chew sticks safe for French Bulldogs?

A: Single-ingredient or chew sticks made from natural ingredients are safe for Frenchies. And these are usually sturdy enough to satisfy your dog without damaging its teeth.

Q: How can I stop my French Bulldog from chewing everything?

A: Buying chew sticks are an excellent way to prevent your dog from gnawing on other things. They keep your French Bulldog distracted and satisfied for a while. 

Q: Are French Bulldogs heavy and aggressive chewers?

A: Although Frenchies like chewing on things, they aren’t as aggressive as other breeds. That’s why if you notice your dog displaying heavy chewing, address it immediately. After all, your French Bulldog might have an underlying medical issue. 

Q: Why do young French Bulldogs chew and bite so much?

A: As puppies, French Bulldogs tend to bite, nip, and chew a lot due to their teething phase. Also, young Frenchies tend to be more playful than older ones, so chewing and biting should be expected. Fortunately, most French Bulldogs get over this behavior over time. 

Final Words

The best chew sticks for French Bulldogs satisfy your dog’s gnawing needs while keeping their teeth in top condition. Plus, they’re a healthier and tastier treat alternative. And the products I mentioned fit Frenchies of all ages and sizes. So aside from brushing your dog’s teeth, buy chew sticks for the best results.