Best Carrier for French Bulldog – Buying Guide

You want to travel, go hiking or camping, but you always think of your French bulldog? The idea of wanting to go outdoors without your Frenchie on your side gives you heartache. Well, do not worry because a dog carrier is available to help you address this problem. With the use of the best carrier for French bulldog, you can travel with your Frenchie anywhere you go.

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If you want to have one, then check here for our buying guide in choosing the best French bulldog carrier. We also have here 5 recommendations of the available dog carrier that are suitable for your Frenchie. Check here for the details of each and find which one suits your preference.

Important Things to Consider When Buying the Best a French Bulldog Carrier

Yes, I know you are already excited to bring your Frenchie on travel or on your next camping trip. But, before you buy him a dog carrier, you must have to consider some important factors. Here are the following:

1 – Dog’s size and measurement

Basically, the correct measurement of your pooch is a very important factor in choosing a carrier for your French bulldog. The space inside the carrier should be large enough in order for your Frenchie to stretch out. Yet, it also needs to be a little bit roomy so that the dog can stand up or make some turn easily.

Here is a guide on taking the measurement of your dog:

  • Get the dog’s length by measuring from the back of the neck, just in an area where the shoulders meet, up to the root of the tail. Basically, measure the back portion of the dog
  • When you got the measurement, add some inches to give consideration for the head and tail.
  • Now, get the height of the dog by taking the measurement from the floor going up to the top portion of his shoulder.
  • Consider adding a few inches to the measurement to get the overall height – for a soft-sided dog carrier a 1 – 4 inches addition would be enough; for a hard-sided dog carrier, add around 3 – 5 inches.

Moreover, it is also important to know the height and weight specifications of the dog carrier. In case you discover that the measurement of your dog is already on top of the carrier size range, go for a larger size carrier.

2 – Quality

Well, the main reason why you always need to opt for a French bulldog carrier that is made of high-quality material is for the purpose of safe and comfort of your pooch. To land on a better quality dog carrier, check the materials. Also, consider looking for double stitching on the seam lines and sturdy latches. Moreover, check the belts, carrier closures, and a comfortable interior as well.

3 – Sturdiness

Regardless of the French bulldog carrier you have to buy is a hard-sided or a soft-sided one, the important thing is that it is well-built. It should have good support on the interior portion to prevent the collapsing of the carrier on your dog. Look for the reinforcement of the corners and seams. Aside from that, the dog carrier must have the ability to sit on the ground without tilting.

4 – Flexibility

A French bulldog carrier that entails numbers of purposes is actually better. Yes, it is important that you address the specific needs or reason for using the carrier. But, a dog carrier that can act for many purposes is a go. To deal with this feature, look after the one that is expandable. Also, don’t forget to consider the shoulder strap that is convertible to a backstrap style.

Top 5 Best Carrier for French Bulldog   

OUR TOP PICK: Pet Gear Sage Plus Dog Carrier

Product Name: Pet Gear Sage Plus Dog Carrier

Product Description: The thing that makes the Pet Gear Sage Plus Dog Carrier the best carrier for French bulldog is that it is highly-designed for travelling with dogs. Normally, you can see a boxy-style carrier, but with this top of the line French bulldog carrier, a form factor is incorporated to conform to the actual shape of the limited space. That’s why the Pet Gear Sage Plus Dog Carrier is ideal for carrying your pet while you travel on a plane or on a car. Generally, this excellent French bulldog carrier is highly flexible which can snugly fit on the car seat or airplane under-seat. Having a sleek design, the Pet Gear Sage Plus Dog Carrier also comes with internal tethers. This feature allows you to attach the dog carrier to the seat.

Availability: InStock

  • Comfort
  • For Traveling
  • Sturdiness


Generally, the Pet Gear Sage Plus Dog Carrier is a one-stop traveller bag. It can be used as a carrier, a car seat, backpack, a roller bag, or a tote. A fleece top liner is present to give comfort to your French bulldog while inside it.


  • Generally useful
  • Comfortable


  • None so far


Sherpa Deluxe Pet Carrier

best carrier for french bulldog

If you want to travel in style with your dog, you can actually do that by using the Sherpa Deluxe Pet Carrier. It is very comfortable to use as your French bulldog will also be relaxed inside a plane or in a car. The mesh windows allow good ventilation and the locking zipper offers a dog’s safety.

In terms of style and craftsmanship, you will generally give this French bulldog carrier two thumbs-up. Elegant faux leather material is the top one component of the exterior part of the Sherpa Deluxe Pet Carrier making it the best carrier for a French bulldog. You can generally carry it along with your other regular luggage as this excellent French bulldog carrier blends well with them and it is approved by the airline.

Give credits to the patented spring wire frame that it has as it allows you to press down this elegant French bulldog carrier. Moreover, Sherpa Deluxe Pet Carrier has two entry options – the top door or the side door. This generally gives quick access to your Frenchies on the inside of the carrier made of comfortable faux lambskin liner.

  • With adjustable padded straps
  • Machine washable
  • Perfect for plane travel
  • Not suitable for escape dogs

Mr. Peanut’s Soft Sided Dog Carrier

best carrier for french bulldog

If you are looking for a highly exceptional carrier for a French bulldog, do not worry as Mr. Peanut’s will give you what you need. Mr. Peanut’s Soft Sided Dog Carrier is ideal for use during hiking with your Frenchies who also want to discover the beauty of the outdoors. It is very easy to transport as it only weighs around 2.5 lbs.

A great feature of this French bulldog carrier is the breathable netting material within its three sides. So, using this dog carrier will allow your French bulldog to have access to fresh air. Along with this is to have a better view of the place where he is going to while inside the carrier bag.

Durability and waterproof feature are the other things that Mr. Peanut’s Soft Sided Dog Carrier can boast for. Travelling with your Frenchie using this French bulldog carrier would never be as comfortable as it is because the bed also has a washable plush lining cover. And the soft-sided structure means that this dog carrier will conform to the shape of the area.

  • Contains chest and lumbar strap
  • Dual style – as backpack or duffel-style
  • Airline approved
  • Smaller in size that is suitable for very small dogs

Pet Life Vista View Dog Carrier

best carrier for french bulldog

Another best carrier for French bulldog that is highly portable is the Pet Life Vista View Dog Carrier. Using this as you carry your Frenchie will let them feel very comfortable and always in style. It generally uses PVC material to have a sturdy frame so that there will be added support and rigidity. Moreover, the walls are made of Ballistic Nylon material which makes this excellent French bulldog carrier a durable one.

The inside portion has a lining made of a scratch-resistant Sherpa pad. To add with this is a Thinsulate material to give comfort to your pooch. Do not worry about your Frenchie’s security, you can prevent him from escaping from this dog carrier through the included leash attachment of the carrier.

This is also easy to store when not in use because of the hinges present within the frame. The hinges generally allow the dog carrier to be folded down giving you only less than 4 inches vertical spaces. With this, storage of it would be very easy as it can be placed under the bed or in the closet.

Moreover, you could also never encounter any problem with your Frenchie in terms of loading and unloading. The French bulldog can quickly get in and out of the dog carrier because of the two large doors present in it. First, your dog can enter through the front door with a mesh zipper wide opening. Or, another option would be the top in which you can lower them.

  • Good quality
  • Affordable price
  • Plenty of rooms
  • Way too big for some

K9 Dog Carrier Sport Sack

The K9 Dog Carrier Sport Sack is a great dog carrier for the French bulldog. This is also ideal for those who have an active lifestyle and want to go to the outdoor with their Frenchie. Due to the backpack style of this dog carrier, you can easily go to hiking or camping trips with your dog if ever you want. And, the awesome backpack style of the K9 Dog Carrier Sport Sack makes other people think that it is not a dog carrier.

It has shoulder straps that are generally padded and the hardware material is highly durable. These features are also the same as that of the other camping backpacks available. Moreover, carrying your Frenchie using this French bulldog carrier would never be a problem even for hours because of its lightweight and comfortable features.

There is also a large mesh opening which allows the Frenchie to have a view on the outside. Aside from that, a sufficient amount of air is allowed to get in to make your dog feel cool and comfortable. A collar hook is also a part of this dog carrier to give added security.

  • Lots of colors to choose from
  • Padded shoulder strap
  • Durable
  • Hard to put the dog inside
  • Material is from a very thin fabric

Frequently Asked Questions


A: If you notice that your dog is attaching his body closer to you, it basically means that he wants to be held and pampered. In this case, consider picking up your pooch. A relaxed dog is an indication that the dog enjoys your arm around him.


A: Actually, it is very uncomfortable for your dog is he is carried inside a bag. But, most the dog backpack carrier nowadays have a comfortable feature that can make your dog feel relaxed while inside it.


A: Using a dog carrier, especially the backpack-type is generally safe for dogs. Buying one is actually a must most likely if you love to roam around with your dog. However, if you think of using an alternative, as regular backpacks or handbags, your dog might likely be uncomfortable being there. It is because those bags do not have features similar to that of the dog carrier.


A: If you are still practising your dog for crate training, you can also go for a plastic dog carrier as another option. In fact, this option is the most commonly used in travelling via the airline. However, the drawback of using such is the presence of three side enclosures or walls. With this, lesser light is allowed to get inside.


A: Generally, crates are more beneficial and are actually pricier. Meanwhile, the carrier is quite affordable and very convenient to transport. Yet, the downside of using a pet carrier is that it is less secure. Aside from that, it is not suitable for use of larger breeds.

Final Words

If you want to have an outdoor activity with your Frenchie, the best way to do this is to use an excellent French bulldog carrier. There are lots of dog carriers that come in different types, sizes, and color that will definitely suit your little Frenchie. However, to land on the best one, it is important to take the following considerations into account. Consider the dog’s measurement, quality of the carrier, sturdiness, and flexibility.

What do you think of the dog carriers we reviewed here? Is there any product you think should be included on the list? Please share your thoughts with us!