3 Best Bones for French Bulldogs that Love to Chew

French Bulldogs have an affinity for chewing. This habit is both a blessing and a curse. Chewing promotes dental health since it prevents plaque buildup. However, chewing can be destructive, too, especially if it’s triggered by separation anxiety. To prevent the latter, you can give your pet the best bones for French Bulldogs. Unlike real bones that larger doggos gnaw, those for Frenchies are softer and suitable for their smaller mouths.

Here are three of my best picks if you’re looking for bone chews for your French Bulldog:

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Are bones safe for French Bulldogs?

There are divided thoughts about whether bones are safe for Frenchies or not. As a small dog, it’s not wise to give your French Bulldog real bones. It’s a choking hazard, and it will damage the pooch’s small teeth.

Also, real bones can splinter and cut your Frenchie’s mouth. This can cause a slew of health problems and emergency visits to the vet.

The safe option for your French Bulldogs is soft rib bones, cartilages, and muscles that are easy on the gums. These are very chewy and will last long. And unlike real bones, it’s less likely to cause dental problems.

Still, proper supervision is required if you’re going to give bones to your French Bulldogs. These chew treats are still choking hazards. You must be present to prevent any potential accidents while your Frenchie enjoys the chewy bone.

Benefits of bones for French Bulldogs

The best bones for French Bulldogs offer a lot of benefits. With proper precautions, it will contribute to your dog’s health. The following are just some of the perks your Frenchie will get from chew bones:

✔️Redirects destructive chewing. While French Bulldogs are small, they can cause serious damage through chewing. To prevent this, you can give them some chew bones to satisfy the gnawing cravings.

✔️Better teeth health. A chewing dog is a happy dog. The chewing motion scrapes tartar and plaque off your Frenchie’s teeth. Still, you should get the right stiffness to prevent the bone from damaging the doggo’s gums.

✔️Keeping them busy. French Bulldogs don’t require a lot of exercise, but you have to keep them busy on boring days. A chew bone will keep the pooch occupied for a few hours, but you must be around to supervise it.

✔️Added nourishment. The best bones for French Bulldogs are often made of real animal parts. It’s highly digestible and packed with protein, vitamins, and minerals. It’s an excellent treat that your Frenchie will surely like.

✔️Easing teething discomfort. Teething Frenchies will suffer from gum discomfort all the time. A soft chew bone will help a lot here. The chewing habit will soothe the gums without damaging its sprouting teeth.

3 Best Bones for French Bulldogs


OUR TOP PICK: Smartbones Rawhide-Free Dog Chew Bones
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Product Name: Smartbones Rawhide-Free Dog Chew Bones

Product Description: If you’re looking for the best bones for French Bulldogs, you’ll never go wrong with the Smartbones Rawhide-Free Dog Chew Bones. It’s made with real chicken, sweet potatoes, and other veggies to give your Frenchie a nutrient-packed treat. Aside from that, these chew bones don’t have rawhide. This is a big plus for dog owners since rawhide is known to be a choking hazard. Each bone is 5 inches long, suitable for adult dogs between 11 and 25 lbs. It’s enriched with vitamins and minerals, so every chew brings nourishment to your pooch.

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  • Flavor
  • Chewiness
  • Safety
  • Value for Money


This bundle comes with 24 packs of six chews. Your Frenchie will not run out of yummy bones for a very reasonable price.

Each bone lasts long, and my dog seems to love them. However, you must never let your Frenchie chew this on the couch. It’s very sticky and will be a chore to remove.

I also like that each bone tears into small pieces that are safe for my Frenchie to swallow. My dog digests this chew bone well and doesn’t cause any serious problems. Still, if your Frenchie has a history of stomach upset, it’s best to ask the vet for advice first. Also, note that this chew bone contains corn, which can be an allergen for some French Bulldogs.



Packed with vitamins and minerals

Made with natural ingredients


Contains corn, which can be an issue for some dogs


AFreschi Turkey Tendon Chew Bones

best bones for French Bulldogs

Another chew bone that I recommend is the AFreschi Turkey Tendon Bones. It’s made of 100% pure turkey tendons with no chemicals, additives, coloring, or artificial flavors. This is all-natural to prevent stomach irritations and allergic reactions.

Aside from that, these turkey chew bones are very palatable. My friend, who has a ridiculously picky Frenchie, was surprised when his doggo can’t get enough of this treat.

It’s also rich in protein, and something even picky dogs can’t resist. The turkey ingredients are also sourced in America and have undergone rigorous quality control. It’s roasted and hand-assembled to ensure the best flavors and chewiness of each bone.

Since the tendons are hand-braided, each bone lasts quite long. It also helps cleanse a Frenchie’s teeth without hurting the gums.

 With proper supervision, these tendon chew bone is safe for French Bulldogs. It tears into small pieces that are highly digestible.

Each tendon bone contains 70% protein. It’s also cruelty-free and safe, even for small dogs. For this bundle, you’ll get a boxful of tendon bones containing 40 pieces. It’s also available in a ring design in case you prefer it for your dog.

  • 100% made of real turkey
  • Hand-braided
  • Very palatable
  • Not for bigger Frenchies

Dingo Indulgence Mini Chew Bones

My last recommendation for the best bones for French Bulldogs is the Dingo Indulgence Mini Chew Bones. These are made of premium rawhide dipped in a sumptuous peanut butter flavor. It’s rich and very decadent, something that your Frenchie can’t resist.

Each bone contains 78% protein with very little fat. It also contains chicken, pork, and potato. It’s very tasty and lasts pretty long.

Still, since this is made of rawhide, you must actively supervise your French Bulldog when chewing on this bone. Nevertheless, the entire bone is edible and tears into small pieces.

Overall, these bones are pup-pleasers, especially for Frenchies that love to chew. The bones look fresh straight from the package, and it’s much softer than other rawhides you can find in the market.

If your dog seems to eat the crunchy part only, you can smother the rawhide with peanut butter to keep the pooch chewing. Just make sure that it’s not on your carpet or couch since it will be a big mess.

Based on my experience, this is a big hit for my Frenchie. However, more caution is needed to avoid untoward incidents.

  • Dipped in peanut butter
  • Soft rawhide
  • Very flavorful and irresistible
  • Extra caution is needed because this is made of rawhide

How to choose the best bones for French Bulldogs

When it comes to chew bones, you have to be meticulous for your Frenchie’s safety. The following are some of the simple considerations you should keep in mind:

🦴Choose the right type

Chew bones for dogs come in different types. The following are some of it:

  • Real bones. Real bones are stiff and suitable for bigger dogs. It’s not a good option for French Bulldogs because it can damage their teeth and mouth. Also, real bones can break into pieces that your dog may find it hard to pass.
  • Rawhide. Rawhide can be good for French Bulldogs, but proper supervision is necessary. You should look for rawhide bones that are safe to consume and suitable for the size of your dog.
  • Tendons & muscles. This chew bone type is suitable for French Bulldogs because it’s gummy and lasts long. Also, it’s safe to consume the tendons because it’s rich in protein. Still, make sure that it can break into tiny pieces to prevent choking.
  • Vegetable bone. If you’re looking for the safest chew bone for your Frenchie, I suggest a vegetable-based option. It’s made to be an alternative to rawhide, minus the potential risks. The Smartbones Chew Bone I reviewed above is a good option for this.
  • Nylon. Nylon bones are popular, but it’s not always suitable for French Bulldogs. First of all, nylon bones shred over time. And since the nylon material isn’t edible, it can cause stomach upset to some Frenchies. But with proper supervision, a nylon chew bone might work.

🦴Consider the chewing strength of your dog

Each Frenchie has a unique chewing strength. Some would chew more often than the others. It’s important to consider this to ensure that you’re getting the right chew bone. A chewy and gummy bone that last long would fit a Frenchie that chews a lot.

🦴Flavor is important

A bland chew bone will not appeal to any dog. If you want to encourage your French Bulldog to chew, you better look for a smelly and tasty bone.

Most chew bones in the market are meat-flavored, but you can also find the likes of peanut butter. You should choose the flavor that your dog will like. Sometimes, it will take trial-and-error to find out which one works well for your pooch.

🦴Get the right size

Lastly, make sure that the chew bone is suitable for your dog’s size. A chew bone that’s too big will be difficult for your French Bulldog to bite and chew. However, too small of a bone will become a choking hazard. Choose one that’s made for your dog’s weight range to prevent any problems.

Safety tips when giving bones to French Bulldogs

Being cautious is crucial if you’re giving chew bones to your French Bulldog. To prevent any untoward incidents, you should observe the following:

  • Always supervise your dog. You should never give your dog a chew bone then leave. You should monitor your Frenchie as it chews so you can intervene once it chokes. If a large chunk detached from the main bone, you must dispose of it right away.
  • Timing is everything. It’s best to give a chew bone treat to your dog after it had a full meal. This way, the Frenchie will not try to swallow it to satisfy its hunger. Such timing will also make the chew bone last longer.
  • Mind some dental issues. If your dog has dental crowns or just had dental work, you should steer clear of any chew treat. You must ask the vet first to prevent damaging the treatment and causing further dental problems.
  • No sharing. If you have more than one French Bulldog, it’s not a good idea to have them share the same bone. As a highly food-driven breed, bone sharing can stir dogfights. It’s also advisable to separate the two dogs while they are enjoying the chew bones.
  • Consult the vet. When in doubt, you should consult the vet before giving bones to your French Bulldog. This is crucial, especially if your pooch has a very sensitive stomach.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I give antlers to my French Bulldog?

A: While many pet owners consider deer antlers as alternatives to bones, it’s not a safe option for Frenchies. Deer antlers are very stiff, and it will just damage your doggo’s mouth. Worse, it will splinter, which can cause intestinal punctures. For French Bulldogs, I suggest softer bones like the three treats I reviewed above.

Q: Can I give a French Bulldog puppy bone treats?

A: Most bone treats are reserved for adult canines. Still, softer ones may pass for puppies, but you should be very careful. Usually, vets don’t advise giving bone chews to puppies that are less than three months old. You should also check the ingredients of the bone before giving it to your dog.

Q: Can dogs have baby back rib bones?

A: Cooked bones, even baby back ribs, can splinter and cause injury to your French Bulldog. If you have table scraps to dispose of, never give the bones to your dog. It’s best to get bones made especially for dogs since it’s softer and not likely to splinter. However, if your dog is still a puppy, you should steer clear of bones for the meantime.

Q: Does rawhide dissolve in your dog’s stomach?

A: It depends on the type of rawhide. Softer rawhide is digestible. Also, your dog should rip the rawhide to pieces for faster breakdown. As much as possible, don’t give your dog any rawhide that’s not suitable for ingestion. Also, rawhide chew bones should only be given sparingly.

Q: How long does it take for a bone to pass through a dog?

A: If the piece of bone isn’t sharp or too big, it should pass through your dog within 24 to 72 hours. If it didn’t pass, you should bring the dog to the vet to get checked. Take note that ingesting too many bones will cause your dog’s stools to become dry and harder to pass.

Final words

The best bones for French Bulldogs will let your pooch enjoy with less risk. Still, proper supervision is necessary to prevent choking and other accidents. Most of all, you must choose the right bone based on your dog’s needs, built, and overall health.

What do you think of these chew bones? Let us know below!