Are Cucumbers Safe For French Bulldogs?

French Bulldogs, which are also known as “Frenchies,” are notorious for feasting on their meals like there’s no tomorrow. Frenchies are known for being easy to train with treats because of their devotion to food. However, there are still a lot of exceptions to what Frenches and dogs, in general, can eat. There are foods that are harmless to us but can act as some kind of poison to them. Not everyone will be able to determine what “healthy food” is also healthy for them. One of these types of healthy food that has both benefits and disadvantages is cucumbers.

Filled with hydration and nutrients, this fruit is known for its many beneficial uses. They are used for facial care, a form of hydration for certain small animals, and as ingredients for a meal. But can our furry french friend eat this multi-functional fruit? In this post, we will be discussing a lot about french bulldogs and their relationship with cucumbers. This would include its pros and cons, the proper serving, and treats that are composed of cucumbers. But before anything else, we need to take a look at a french bulldog’s general diet.

French Bulldog Diet

🥒 The french bulldog’s diet consists of primarily meat-based food and industry-based dog food or pellets. Frenchies love meat and prefer to eat it above many of the other things on their food list. However, that does not make them any less of a dog with a large appetite. Most Frenchies like whole meat such as chicken and beef, but they also like seafood. However, it is not still recommended to feed them unclean or aged meat. It is also not recommended to provide them shrimp and certain types of shellfish.

🥒 They also accept fruits and vegetables as treats or occasional meals. This notably includes bananas and watermelon, which a lot of Frenchies love. However, they are restricted to particular plant-based food, such as avocados, nuts, potatoes, and grapes. These foods have substances that can become potentially dangerous to dogs as a long-term effect.

🥒 Frenchies can also have food allergies like humans. These allergies can include an allergy to particular meat. Usually, they are allergic to the type of protein and not the meat itself. They can also be allergic to wheat, dairy, and seafood. These allergies are on a case-to-case basis, and not one individual french bulldog has the same condition as the other. For prevention, consult your vet about probiotics while your Frenchie is still young. It is also best if you can detect the allergy as early as possible. This is to avoid any further health issues the allergies may cause. Dog allergies are known to become more intense as the dog ages.

Can Frenchies Eat Cucumbers?

🥒 The answer is yes; french bulldogs can eat cucumbers. They can eat them as an occasional snack. In fact, it is recommended by a lot of dog owners as a plant-based treat. It has a lot of nutritional benefits for your dog, and they are harmless to them. Unlike other fruits, where you have to be observant and careful, these fruits pose no problem. It depends on each Frenchie dog if they prefer this fruit treat or not.

🥒 So do not be disappointed and disheartened if your dog does not eat it after getting some at the grocery just for them. Even if french bulldogs are not picky eaters, there are exceptional cases where they may not prefer the food. Some may even have allergies to certain substances that the cucumber contains. Regardless, cucumbers are an excellent choice for a healthy treat. However, there are recommended methods on how you should feed them to your Frenchie.

How To Feed Frenchies With Cucumbers Safely

🥒 Cucumbers can be pretty long and varying in different sizes. This means they can pose as a potential choking hazard to your Frenchie. To prevent choking, eating a cucumber is better if you slice it down into smaller pieces. Feeding them by hand will ensure you can monitor them and avoid choking. Blockage of the airways will usually be the scenario since you will most likely give cucumbers as a treat. And treats are typically offered by hands as a form of bonding.

🥒 Cucumbers are also quite crunchy for your french bulldog. Give them time to swallow it thoroughly before giving the next piece. Letting your dog chew longer is needed because the small hard bits can build up and cause a choking hazard. So wait until your Frenchie swallows the cucumber entirely. The go signal will usually be when they lick their mouths and look back at you. They are most likely saying that it is time for the next one. The timely consumption of cucumbers can also act as a form of discipline exercise for your furry friend. Since they are known for eating too fast and carelessly, this can improve their table manners.

What Are The Benefits Of Cucumber For Your Frenchie

Cucumbers offer a lot of benefits for your dog. We listed them down into different portions.

Photo credits: Humble Dogs

🥒 Cucumbers are low in calories

Cucumbers are pretty low in calories, with only 30 calories per one average-sized cucumber. They are one of the fruits that have the lowest calories. A food that has a low-calorie content is very important for Frenchies because of their appetite. In addition, they are most prone to obesity and other weight-related diseases. So it is vital to keep their weight in check. They can’t consciously watch out for what they eat, so you have to do that for them. Follow the recommended number of calories for a healthy, balanced weight. You may consult your vet about this, as your dog may have other conditions. The reason why cucumbers are so low in calories is in the next section.

🥒 Cucumbers are an excellent choice for hydration

Cucumbers are mainly composed of water. They are basically chewy and crunchy bits of water in the appearance of a fruit. Water content in cucumbers means your Frenchie will stay hydrated for quite a long time after they eat cucumbers. But despite being composed mainly of water, they offer a variety of other nutrients.

🥒 Cucumbers have various beneficial vitamins and minerals

Cucumbers contain a lot of healthy substances like vitamins and minerals, which is not surprising for a fruit. They include the vitamins Vitamin B Complex, and Vitamin C. Frenchies especially need these for their dental health and for a high-functioning immune system. They also have a variety of minerals to offer. These minerals include zinc, copper, iron, magnesium, phosphorous, and biotin.

🥒 Cucumbers can treat bad breath

Frenchies generally have bad breaths due to their eating habits. Cucumbers can be a solution to a bad breath, thanks to their cleansing properties. This is not to say it should be an alternative to brushing your Frenchie’s teeth, however. It is also important that you must observe proper oral hygiene based on your vet’s consultation. Despite being an all-in-all healthy treat, this fruit has its own downsides or cons.

The Downside Of Too Much Consumption Of Cucumbers

🥒 Cucumbers are not for every Frenchie. They either may not like them or tolerate them at all. This does not always stem from being a picky eater, however. Some French bulldogs can’t digest the skin or seeds properly. So it is best if you serve the fruit properly without those parts. It is also worth noting that some cucumbers may contain pesticides or chemicals. So always wash them thoroughly before serving them to your Frenchie.

🥒 Some Frenchies may also prefer their cucumbers to be as fresh as possible. So it would help if you put some of the aging cucumbers on your plate instead. However, it simply means it is definitely not a good idea to feed your Frenchie pickled cucumbers.

How Often Should You Feed Them Cucumbers?

🥒 A rule that vets often use is the 10% rule in a dog’s diet. Dividing your dog’s meal plan means that ten percent of the food given should be reward treats. The majority of the food provided should be dog food or their usual meals. Since cucumbers count as a treat, they should only consist of ten percent of what your Frenchie eats. That means giving them a slice or two for each day, depending on their diet. If your Frenchie is heavily leaning on a raw diet, having cucumbers on the side is a good idea.

🥒 It would be best if you also tried to include other variety of healthy treats besides cucumbers. These can consist of apples and bananas. A variety of healthy foods is essential because not the cucumber covers every nutrition your Frenchie will need. Try to rotate between different types of treats so your dog will not get sick of the same one. You can also mix them together and make your own dog treats. In the next section, we will be including recipes for DIY treats that involve the cucumber.

Other DIY Treats That Involve Cucumbers

🥒 Organic Cucumber Bites


  • Cucumber without the seeds
  • Cottage Cheese
  • Organic Parsley


Firstly, slice the cucumbers into edible pieces depending on your Frenchie’s size. Then, carve out the center of each piece so it will appear like a hollow hole. Next, fill the gaps with the cottage cheese. Lastly, put the parsley leaves as topping for the treat. Now your dog can enjoy this safe and healthy treat. Side note, cottage cheese is safe for french bulldogs as long as they do not have allergies.

🥒 Frozen Cucumber Yogurt


  • Cucumber
  • Plain Yogurt (preferably greek Yogurt)
  • Small Amounts Of Honey


Mix all of the previously mentioned ingredients into the blender. It would be best if you stopped when you finally wholly smashed the cucumber into liquid. Now place the mixture in your preferred container. You can use small bowls or cookie sheets as containers. Place them inside the freezer for at least three hours. The Yogurt should now be ready to be served for your Frenchie.

🥒 Apple Cucumber


  • Apple Sauce
  • Cucumber Bits
  • Chopped Cilantro
  • Spelt Flour


Prepare your oven by setting it at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Be sure to lay down a baking mat on where you will place the ingredients down. Now mixed all the ingredients in a bowl until they appear as if they are combined into one treat. Next, grab the mixture by hand and form small balls. Place these balls into a container and put them into the oven. They should bake for 10-15 before having a bright brown color. Wait for them to cool down before giving them to your dog. Now you can feed your Frenchie this apple and cucumber fusion treat.

🥒 Frozen Watermelon Cucumber Treat


  • Seedless Watermelon
  • Cucumber Without The Seeds


Cut the watermelon into small pieces for easy blending. Then, put them all in a blender and mix them until they become liquified. After that, cut the cucumbers in half and remove the seeds inside. Do not skip this step because seeds are unnecessary to use in this recipe, and they can freeze into small hard bits. Please do the same with the cucumber and blend it well until it liquifies. Use molds or cookie containers to place the liquids in. Fill half of the mold with watermelon liquid and the other half cucumber liquid. Place the container inside of the freezer and let it freeze for about one and a half hours. After that, take them out and let your Frenchie nom on this refreshing cold treat.

Are These Treats Safe For Any Frenchie?

It highly depends on their tolerance to dairy and sweets. If they have an allergy to dairy products, you should keep them away from these treats. This is also the same case for Frenchies who have conditions such as diabetes or obesity. However, these treats are generally safe for dogs. Just watch out for any suspicious additives or inorganic substances included in each product.

Cucumbers have two possible dangers when fed to french bulldogs: overconsumption and difficulty in breathing due to choking. In most situations, giving your dog quite many cucumbers won’t lead to severe consequences, but giving your dog too much of something meal might cause digestive discomfort, especially if it’s a different food your dog hasn’t tried previously.

Bottom Line

French Bulldogs can enjoy the refreshing taste of cucumber as long as it is appropriately given. This means feeding it both in the correct time and correct way. Not everything on your plate should also be on your Frenchie’s plate. So even if they seem curious and eager to beg, you have to say no. Dogs, especially Frenchies, are utterly unaware of what they are eating and its contents. They have immense trust in the owners who feed them. So make sure you provide them meals that have good benefits that will outweigh the cons.