Allergic Reaction French Bulldog Hives: What Are The Causes Of This!

Allergic Reaction French Bulldog Hives: What Are The Causes Of This

Do you own a French bulldog at home, however, their skin is not that firm? Then maybe they have an allergic reaction to French bulldog hives! 

There are a lot of people who wish to have a french bulldog. They usually get one for their kids serves as a gift, and as well as they want this breed of dog as their pet. The French bulldog is so irresistible and they are very affectionate as well. They are just small and cute enough for a small space at home. But, sometimes they might be too aggressive to handle as well. 

What are the good things you need to know about them? They are very smart and easy to train when you wish to train them a particular thing. You just need to feed them after the training. Why it is important for you to send them on a training? This is for them to learn and adopt different tricks where they can actually use in the future. As responsible fur parents, this is one of the best things you can do for your puppies. Training is a must as it helps them to protect themselves and as well advantage to you as the owner. 

However, during the training time you are able to expose them to a wider space where they can scroll and as well as enjoy. You can leave them on the grass where they can actually feel the roughness, and catch them by different insects. This might be the possible reason for their allergic reaction of hives to their body. Usually, it is not just the body of them but as well as to their face, which is not a good thing. Whenever they are experiencing this, you need to know about this thing. Here are the common causes that your French bulldog might get an allergic reaction to hives.

Common Cause Of Bulldog Hives 

Insects bites 

This is the common reason why hives occur to dogs. Whenever they are playing outside or even when they are sleeping, they are prone to insects bites especially mosquitos. Mosquitos are usually the reason for an acute reaction from the immune system of their body. Insects bites can be triggered as well when your Frenchies was able to eat which is not applicable.

The reason why it gets worsen is that fur parents are not aware that insects bite can be the reason why it gets bigger and bigger. So, for you to prevent this to happen, make sure to change the position of their bed when sleeping. You can put their bed to the area where mosquitos can’t enter and other insects as well. Through this, you are able to protect them in a more natural way. For outdoors, you can protect them by being too observant, or if you can’t at least let them wear clothes intended for them.


This is also an important thing you need to understand whenever you have a dog at home. You need to understand that shampoo is also a big factor if your dog is suffering from hives. French bulldogs don’t have shaggy hair where you can easily manage. However, the shampoo that you will be applying to the hair will easily absorb by the skin. So, as a response to this, you need to help them by giving them the best shampoo which is hypoallergenic.

This will help your Frenchie to be comfortable and at the same time never suffer from any allergic reaction to their skin. You need to take time with it comes to choosing their shampoo to prevent any allergies that may cause shampoo. Look for the shampoo which has an effective ingredient and will help the hair of your dog moisturize at the same time. Knowing the fact that chemicals from shampoo are the ones that cause the hives to their skin. 


There is a french bulldog who is under their medication, where they take a lot of vitamins and medicines for their health condition. This happens when their condition is hereditary and also because of accidents. This may be the reason why they will be going through medication. So, to prevent any allergic reaction when taking medicines, you will be needing the help of an expert.

Whenever your dog is having an allergic reaction to their body when taking medicine then you can ask a veterinarian to change the dosage. Also, you can ask them to change the brand of the medicine or other alternatives for your dog. You don’t need to pursue it even your dog is having allergies. This might harm your dog and will cause them to be uncomfortable. So, whenever your dog is suffering from hives because of medicines, it is much advisable to see experts.


Just like humans, there are a lot of side effects stress may give to people. Aside from the fact that it may harm your health, this may shorten life expectancy. It is also applicable to the dogs, stress may cause any allergic reaction to their body which is hives. One of the best things to know if you are able to change this is if you can provide a healthy environment and also healthy activities. Aside from that, you can also expose them to a meal plan which is very good. Another is to allow them to have their training, allow them to play while learning. Through this, you are able to relieve their stress, and also they are able to live on their way with your guidance as well. 

Wondering how to know how to identify when your dog is stress? You need to contact and ask for help from expert people in the field. 

Genetic abnormalities 

When the health condition of a dog is due to genetic abnormality this one is not curable. There are a lot of people who are not aware of this thing, however, whenever your dog suffers from any allergic reaction because it runs to their genes what you need to do is avoid things that can trigger it. When you can see that your dog is allergic to a particular food, then you can’t feed them and also try to make an alternative to it. Through this, you are able to cope with the situation and can help them as well with their situation. In terms of this, you will be able to help them live in a more comfortable way and be healthy as well.

Heat from sunlight

Because of the fact that they don’t have shaggy hair to protect their skin, it may be the cause of their allergic reaction. You need to make sure that there will be a protection to the body with the good shampoo that you will be using. The heat from the sunlight is just like to humans if too much heat there will because skin problems. This is also applicable to dogs. So make sure that you won’t allow them whenever the weather is too hot for them to exercise and do different activities. When the weather is too hot, this may damage the skin and could cause a lot of problems for your dog. 

What are the symptoms your dog has hived? 

Too much scratching

You need to be enough observant with it comes to the health condition of your dog. When you see your dog that they are excessively scratching its body, you need to ask for help from people who are experts. Make sure to go to the nearest veterinary. The reason why you need to take them to the vet is that too much scratching may harm their skin and exposed them to wounds. Also, you need to make sure that the vet is being checked to know the shampoo that they can use.

Swelling around their eyes

This is not just on their body, but as well as on the eyes of the Frenchies. You need to be observant when this happens, this may be worsened if you can’t cure this in a period of time. What do you need to do when you encounter this thing with your dog? You need to check if their body is also swelling and not just the part of their eyes. Also, you need to check if they have an insects bite and other reasons for their eyes to swell. It is not normal especially if there is no reason to. So, to prevent to get worsen the situation and their health condition make sure that you go to the nearest vet clinic.

Redness to their body 

This is one of the obvious symptoms that you might see whenever they are suffering from hives. For the people who don’t know about this thing, you need to go to the nearest animal care clinic to check them. Redness on the body of the dog needs to be checked for many reasons. This can be because of the shampoo or the food they are eating. So make sure that you are able to monitor their food, medicines, and at the same time their past health condition. You don’t need to worry if the redness may disappear for a short time. However, if the redness won’t go even if you already put first aid cream to the area. 

Bumps anywhere in their body

This is not a good indication whenever your dog encounters this thing. You need to make sure that the allergic reaction of your dog is monitored. The reason behind this is it may cause them to worsen the situation. When bumps are already present in the body of the dog, you need to make sure that you go to the nearest vet as it can be an indication of hives. Bumps if you won’t cure them, might harm the whole body of your dog. Also, this might be the reason for leaving scars on the body of the Frenchies. 

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of things to know whenever you wish to have a dog at home. It is not just because you will be able to feed them food and give them the water. But you are able to cure their health condition and other concerns. Give them basic pieces of training and at the same time, you know how to handle their traits and characteristics. Allergic reaction in french bulldogs is not that easy to handle you need to make sure that you are able to teach them basic pieces of training. Fruits and vegetables are good for your dog as they may give nutrients that dog food can’t. Thus, there are only a few which is good for your dog, make sure that you research before serving your dog. 

Do you want to feed your dog food that you think they are good for your dog?