5 of the Best Winter Coat for French Bulldog

Whether you want to make your Frenchie good-looking in winter or you want to gear him up, we always want to protect them from the harsh weather conditions. With that, we want them to wear clothing suitable for the weather just like the dog coat. Exposure to extreme cold weather may cause the French bulldog to develop frostbites. So, the ideal solution with that is to protect them with the best winter coat for French bulldog. It will basically keep them dry, warm, and protected while running around in a cold environment.

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In this blog post, we listed and reviewed 5 of the popular winter dog coats designed for a French bulldog. I already tried and tested some of the products below. See which one fits perfectly on your Frenchie!

List of the Best Winter Coat for French Bulldog

OUR TOP PICK: Kurgo Reversible French Bulldog Winter Coat

Product Name: Kurgo Reversible French Bulldog Winter Coat

Product Description: Our number choice for the best winter coat for French bulldog is the one from Kurgo. Since it is highly reversible and easily adjustable, it is a great pick for any outdoor doggy activity. It generally maintains your Frenchie to feel cozy in winter. There is also the presence of the reflective piping so that the dog becomes visible in the dark. Water resistance, lightweight, and durability are some of the best features that this French bulldog winter coat boasts. The Frenchies can move freely and comfortably anytime as this Kurgo Reversible French Bulldog Winter Coat has an athletic fit. You can easily access the harness at the back of the dog due to the zipper opening on that part.

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  • Material Quality
  • Lightweight
  • Accuracy
  • Water resistance
  • Warmth
  • Stretch


Kurgo Reversible French Bulldog Winter Coat is the best winter coat for French bulldog especially during hiking in the chilly season. So, with this, you can have a walk, run, or hike with your Frenchie comfortably in the cold.

Product Features

• The high-quality material that it is made of allows this winter coat to be the perfect wear on outdoor adventures
• It has an easy-to-fit fabric due to the presence of adjustable hooks and loop closure at the belly.
• Has the ability to give ample amount of heat to the Frenchie helping it to be protected from overheating


• Lightweight
• Machine-washable
• Waterproof
• Great material quality
• Aesthetically appealing


• Inappropriate sizing
• Poor Velcro quality


Gooby Water Resistant Frenchies Fashionista Winter Coat

best winter coat for french bulldog

Most Frenchies owners proved that Gooby Water Resistant Frenchies Fashionista Winter Coat is the best winter coat for French bulldog. It perfectly fits on your French bulldog’s body without the hassle of guessing on the right measurement of the dog. The comfortable feeling due to its proper fit, easy to wear, and water-resistant property are some of the excellent things that it brags about.

This best winter coat for French bulldog provides warmth and excellent isolation. Although some used to complain about the presence of Velcro rather than the zipper, yet Velcro performs a job well done. With a broad range of color selection, the Frenchies stay protected and warm under a trendy winter outfit.

Product Features

  • Has a stretchable bottom making it a suitable and perfect fit for different dog sizes
  • Highlights a water-resistant property that keeps the Frenchies dry and warm during the cold months
  • With a snap-on button for a convenient and easy way of placing the vest over your doggo
  • Entails a leash attachment over the back allowing you to spend an enjoyable time with your French bulldog
  • Durable
  • Perfect fit
  • High quality
  • Competitive price
  • None so far

Morezi Winter French Bulldog Coat with Reflective Strips

best winter coat for french bulldog

If you are looking for an excellent pet supply during the winter months, the dog coat is always on the rescue. With that, the Morezi Winter French Bulldog Coat with Reflective Strips is the best winter coat for Frenchies. Due to the high quality of process and materials, both the pet owners and the doggo will surely enjoy spending their time together outside the snowy road.

Generally, it comes with a soft and warm layer on the inner fabric and a water-resistant fabric sheet on the outside. There are magic tape closures located over the dog’s belly providing an easily adjustable way of putting on and taking off of this winter coat. You can also see an elastic collar that is not that tight for your Frenchies.

Your dog will love wearing this comfortable winter coat because of its thick and lightweight features. Thanks to the combination of polyester and pleat cotton materials that it is made off. Aside from that, it is also durable and gives warmth to the French bulldog. It is also easy to wash making it convenient for the pet owner.

Product Features

  • Made of warm inner cotton material that maintains warmth over your Frenchie’s body during winter
  • Boasts for its water resistance property that keeps the dog dry
  • The presence of a harness hole at the back of the jacket makes it suitable for wearing even when the harness is being used
  • Perfectly fit for the French bulldog’s body due to its elastic belly and collar design
  • Highly appealing as it is colorfully designed with light hues combined with reflective trim and backstitching lines which makes the dog visible even in the dark
  • Suitable for all dog sizes and can be used generally for all activities whether indoor or outdoor
  • Appealing design
  • Easily adjustable
  • Lightweight and durable
  • A safe option for night walks
  • Small sizing
  • Velcro is not durable

Gooby Warm Fleece Pullover Winter Coat

best winter coat for french bulldog

Gooby Warm Fleece Pullover Winter Coat is another best winter coat for French bulldog that is generally of high quality. The size is highly based on the size of the dog’s chest. Your Frenchie will feel the warmth even during the cold weather because of its 100% polyester material. This is also another fashionable dog coat collection from Gooby as it is available in 17 different colors.

Allowing your French bulldog to wear this winter coat makes them feel convenient and comfortable. Although it is a pullover, putting it on and taking it off to your doggo is a breeze. The fleece slips-on feature is basically hassle-free and doesn’t require any Velcro or zippers to secure it to your Frenchies’ bodies.

Gooby Warm Fleece Pullover Winter Coat brings you both style and functionality. With sufficient armhole size, the French bulldog can freely move on its way. He can walk, run, and roam around comfortably while looking fashionable. Aside from that, washing this winter coat for a French bulldog is also an easy task because it is machine washable.

Product Features

  • Offers safety and durability because of its 100% polyester material to maintain the warm feeling that the dog feels
  • Hassle-free pullover design that slips on and off easily to your Frenchie’s body
  • Comes with a leash attachment
  • Has an O-ring located at the back providing a comfortable walk during winter
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Easy to wear
  • Machine washable
  • Can breakdown easily
  • Misleading chart size guide

Jinpet Waterproof Fleece Winter Coat

Having the Jinpet Waterproof Fleece Winter Coat will generally give you two products in one. This means that you can give your Frenchies a winter coat and a doggy raincoat at the same time. With that, this is actually the best winter coat for French bulldog. It is highly waterproof allowing it to be used on rainy days and over the snow. The warm fleece and pad cotton on the inside highly protect the doggo from harsh weather conditions.

Aside from that, it also acts like a dog harness that is comfortable and safe for the Frenchies. This coat is thick enough so pet strain due to the harness is not an issue to worry about. Jinpet Waterproof Fleece Winter Coat has a zipper closure to offer an easy to put on and take off feature. Because of that, you can generally save your time in making your dog feel comfortable during cold days.

Product Features

  • Highly applicable to wear by the Frenchies during the rainy season as it is made of premium quality waterproof material
  • Made with zipper closure for easy to use feature and convenient way of wearing and taking off
  • Offers multifunctionality and practicality due to the presence of an adjustable harness
  • Guarantees safety during dog walking at night because of the reflective design
  • Has thick and durable D-shaped ring that provides a very sturdy pull strength
  • High-quality
  • Smart dog coat design
  • Budget-friendly
  • Zipper easily breaks
  • Incorrect measurement

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Winter Coat for French Bulldog

Generally, for dogs, choosing a jacket or coat necessitates its design of covering the pet’s neck and abdomen comfortably. This means that the best winter dog coat allows the legs of the doggy to move freely. When it comes to the Frenchies, you need to take into account their compact size yet muscular stance. However, it doesn’t mean that it is enough to put on a mini jacket on your cute little doggo.

Keep in mind that looking for the best winter coat for French bulldog entails few important things to consider. And those include the following:


Basically, a fleece coat is suitable for the French bulldog if you are living in a cool yet not freezing place. But, allow your Frenchie to wear a multi-layered coat that has lots of insulation when you are in an environment that has extreme weather. A coat out of wind-breaking material is the best choice for those living in windy places.


There are lots of competitions for the best winter coat for French bulldog that you can see over the market. Those coats are generally made of various materials that highlight excellent features that they can brag about. One of these is the waterproof feature that generally maintains the dryness and warmth of your doggo.

Actually, if you have a playful Frenchie pup, a waterproof winter coat is a good choice. In case you like this kind of outfit set up for the dog, opt for a winter coat that is made of cotton or wool. Those materials will definitely work well in meeting your French bulldog’s needs.


Well, dogs really love to chew on everything even on their new clothes. The French bulldog is not an exception here. Having that in mind, it is better to look after a durable winter coat. Under that, it involves various modes of attachment. Buckles, zippers, snap-on, and Velcro closures are great examples of such.

But, in general, the zipper and the Velcro are good options for the French bulldog. This is to consider their short hair. Meanwhile, buckles and brooches attachments are not safe for this dog breed because they have the possibility to be chewed.


This feature is actually a great choice for those pet owners who reside in busy areas. Also, if you are fond of walking with your Frenchies at night, choosing a winter coat with reflective strips is an excellent idea.


A doggy winter coat that has a small size enough for the French bulldog’s body is a good pick. It basically maintains the safety of your Frenchies without the hassle of it being dragged or removed down the ground. Yet, it should also be sufficiently large and not tight enough to give a comfortable feeling to the dog.


Keep in mind that these areas within the dog’s coat should not be too tight. These are areas with holes openings wherein you can put on the dog coat. Make sure that the size is enough to give way for easy removal and putting on of the winter dog coat without the hassle of giving them discomfort.


The French bulldogs are very popular in developing hip dysplasia. Considering that, make sure to buy a winter coat that is not capable of increasing the pain. That’s why it is always important to have an idea of how to get the right measurement of the hip area of the French bulldog.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Winter Coat for French Bulldog


A: During winter, it is a must to give your French bulldog a dog coat. This is primarily because of the thin coat that this dog has. Similar to us, the Frenchies also feel the cold. That’s why it is very important to choose the right coat that provides warmth to them during extreme weather conditions.


A: Generally, the temperature that tends to be too cold for the French bulldog is at temperatures of 4 degrees Celsius or 40 degrees Fahrenheit.


A: Aside from the winter coat, a blanket is also an essential dog supply that can keep them warm not only during winter but also during the night. This soft fabric can be a good pick for the Frenchies when they are resting on cold or wet surfaces. It also serves as a protection on allergens that they may potentially get from the environment through the flooring where they rest into.


A: In addition to the winter coat, the French bulldog can also feel warm through the use of a blanket. With this, you can make a little fabric nest for your Frenchie. Just wind up few blankets together and put them up in a donut shape. This shape of the blanket generally fits snugly over the dog keeping them warm all night long.


A: French bulldogs are prone to developing lots of health issues. One of them is overheating which may be too dangerous for them. So, to prevent their overheating issue, try to keep the Frenchies inside once the temperature on the outdoor already reaches 85 degrees. Always make it a habit to give a plentiful amount of cool, freshwater to them. It is a great way and best solution to keep the French bulldog from experiencing overheating especially during the summer season.

Final Words

Winter coat for French bulldog generally keeps your dog dry and provides them warmth during harsh weather conditions. It is actually a great help for your Frenchie to be comfortable in performing their activities during the winter months. However, before buying one, make sure that you take those important things into consideration. Properly selecting the winter coat that brags both functionality and fashion will definitely make your French bulldog feel cozy and fashionable at the same time.

What do you think of the dog winter coat we have here? Which one do you think is perfect for your Frenchie? We will be very happy to hear from you!