5 Best Dog Bowls for French Bulldogs for Better Dog Feeding

Dog bowls are often just simple products that can help a lot in feeding your pet better. If you can get the best dog bowls for French bulldogs, then you will find it easier to feed your pet and help the dog have better digestion health among other benefits.

The dog bowls will always have different designs. The idea is for you to find the correct one for your pet. Not all models will be ideal for French bulldogs. It is why we recommend you check out the table below with all the top models you can buy today.

BowlBrandExpert RatingCheck Price
Pawfect Pets Store Premium Elevated Dog Bowls Check Price
NibbleyPets Elevated Dog Bowl Stand with Stainless Steel Food and Water Bowl Check Price
YMAXGO Elevated Tilted Dog Bowl Check Price
DotPet Elevated Double Dog Bowls Check Price
Enhanced Pet Bowl Stainless Steel Vet Approved Dog Bowl Check Price

How to Choose the Best Dog Bowls for French Bulldogs

Stay Away From Plastics

It is easy to find dog bowls being made of different materials and plastic is one of them. As much as there are safe plastics, they are not recommended for French bulldogs.

Look at what other models are made of first. We recommend that you opt for dog bowls made of stainless steel or ceramic materials. The plastic materials are known to cause several reactions in a French bulldog.

If you have to use the plastic best dog bowls for French bulldogs, we would suggest you use them periodically and not all the time.

Anti-bloating design

The bloating issue is often made worse with how the pet eats its food. It is why you might want to consider using an anti-bloating design to keep the pet from bloating easily.

Such a design is when the bowls are raised and angled. This gives them an easier time reaching the food because of their flat faces. Also, the raised design is important for relieving the pet of neck pains and back pains it might be experiencing.

Size of the dog bowl

The bowl size will determine what kind of pet would use it better. Well, you also need the right size so that you can feed the pet at once rather than keep refiling.

The sizes will vary depending on the activity level of the dog, the age, and breed of the dog. If you have a puppy, it will not need the same size of bowl as the adult dog. Look at what the manufacturer recommends as the size for a French bulldog.

Anti-slip and Anti-skid

It is important that you get a bowl with features such as anti-slip and anti-skid. If the bowls lack such features, then the pet will leave quite a mess. You will always have a great time using the bowls on overall if they have these two features.

Good Price

A good price is something anyone would want when looking for the best dog bowls for French bulldogs. Because of the designs, sometimes it is possible to end up with different prices all the time. It is why we would recommend that you take your time to compare what you are getting at each price point. No one wants to spend too much on a product that does not help the dog.

Top 5 Best Dog Bowls for French Bulldogs

Our Top Pick

Our Top Pick: Pawfect Pets Store Premium Elevated Dog Bowls

Product Name: Pawfect Pets Store Premium Elevated Dog Bowls

Product Description: This is a top choice for those who want something premium. It is designed to live up to the needs of many people who might need to use the dog bowls for a long time to come. The model is designed to be spill proof. Being a sturdy stand makes the dog enjoy its food and water without leaving a big mess on the floor. Since it weighs over 3 lbs., it should prevent the strong dogs from easily nudging the bowls around on the floor or tipping the contents out. You will also like that it will reduce bloating and neck strain in the dog. If the pet has issues such as arthritis, back problems, neck pains, then this will be a nice relief for it to eat better from a raised feeder. Still, the dog bowls are meant to improve the digestive health. The package comes with four feeding bowls made of stainless steel. This is important so that you always have additional bowls for feeding your pet. The bowls are of different capacities. So, depending on the amount of food you have to feed the pet, make sure to use the correct bowl too.

Availability: InStock

  • Spill proof
  • Design
  • Safety
  • Ease of use
  • Ease of cleaning


One thing that will easily appeal to many users will be the spill proof design. This will ensure that the pet does not end up making a mess on the floor while it is eating. The leakproof design is also important to securely hold the bowls in place and prevent them from leading or clanging.

Due to the raised design, you will find that the bowls are good in helping relieve the dog of any bloating cases. It also helps where the dog has neck or back problems.


✔️It is spill proof

✔️Highly durable dog bowls

✔️The bowls are leakproof


❌The stand finish durability could be better

Runner’s Up

NibbleyPets Elevated Dog Bowl Stand with Stainless Steel Food and Water Bowl

The stand of the product gives it a unique look. It is not boring as you would find with other models in the market. Since the stand makes the bowls to be at a raised position, that reduces joint pain. With more than 50% of dogs showing signs of arthritis, it is best to give it the option of minimizing the effect with these best dog bowls for French bulldogs.

The model is also designed to have the best ergonomics for the pups too. The 12-degree incline is important for giving your pet an easy time eating from the bowls even if it is still a puppy. Since the stand encourages a natural feeding position, you should find it helping the dog with any signs of bloating, gas build up, and indigestion.

As part of the package, you will get four premium stainless steel bowls. As such, you will always have a fresh bowl ready to use for feeding the pet. The capacities of the bowls are 2.5 cups and 1.5 cups. You can always switch the size depending on the pet needs.

The use of stainless steel for the bowls is important for safety. The last thing you want is to use the unsafe plastic bowls that might make your dog to be unwell. Go ahead and check out this model to see if it would be ideal for your pet.

  • It is ergonomic for pups
  • It can help in reducing the joint pain
  • The package has four food bowls
  • Large dogs can easily tip over the bowls

YMAXGO Elevated Tilted Dog Bowl

As part of the best dog bowls for French bulldogs, we find this one being one of the best for its design. The manufacturer made it to have an anti-spill design that can be used for different types of food. You can use it for dry kibble or wet food without much of a problem.

This dog bowl is good in terms of helping your pet to feed better and reduces the chances of ending up with gas. No one wants their dog to have digestive health issues. Because of the bowl design, we find it ideal for the flat face and short nose breeds. It is easy to see how French bulldogs would benefit from using this design.

Other than using it for French bulldogs, the same can work for pugs, Boston terrier, flat nose dogs, and more. This goes on to show that the dog bowl is pet-friendly and highly versatile that many other breeds can use the same.

As for the building material, the dog bowl is made using ceramic material. The use of ceramic is safer compared to using plastic. You should now feed the pet knowing that it will always be safe. Also, the table is made of strong plastic that can live up to the needs of a user. You can be sure that it will be perfect for feeding the pets for years to come.

  • Non-skid table
  • The bowl is made of ceramic material
  • It can be used for different dog breeds
  • The plastic stand easily gets scratches and dirty

DotPet Elevated Double Dog Bowls

One thing you will like about these dog bowls is that they are made of superior quality. The manufacturer uses non-toxic environmentally friendly PVC to make them the best dog bowls for French bulldog. It might the reason more people are looking to get them. As for the stand, it is made of ABS material important for durability and resistance to falling when in use.

The bowls are designed to have a 15-degree tilted angle. Depending on the size and breed, you can adjust the angle to suit the pet’s eating needs. The result is that now you have a great digestive health and if the pet has arthritis, it should not be painful for it.

The ABS base table gives the pet a stable eating area. Even if it is an aggressive eater, it will not easily tip over the bowls and the stand. Having four rubber feet on the stand prevents any skidding and noise while the pet is feeding.

The dog bowls are generally easy to clean. You can remove them from the stand for a better clean. Do not worry as they have a humanized separation design. This will give the host a better experience when using the dog bowls.

  • It is easy to clean the bowls
  • The design reduces pets neck pain
  • The food bowls are made of superior quality
  • Some feel they could use more bowls per product

Enhanced Pet Bowl Stainless Steel Vet Approved Dog Bowl

This dog bowl is seen as an ideal option for those that might be in the market for the best dog bowls for French bulldogs. The design alone appeals to use it for different dog types especially those with a short nose and flat faced. The unique design makes the bowl to have a ridge important for the flat faced dogs to read the food with ease. The result is that the pet will not leave behind a lot of mess, gas, and it will generally experience better digestion.

Looking at the overall design, we find it being oversized. This is to ensure that there is more design that goes into make it easier for the pet to use. The same cannot be said for those who are using the traditional pet bowls. As much as it looks huge, the bowl can still deliver impressive feeding results for your pet.

At the bottom of the bowl, you will find a rubber ring. This ring is important for keeping the bowl from easily sliding and slipping as the pet is eating. There is no doubt you would want the pet to leave a lot of mess behind.

  • The bowl comes in various sizes
  • The bowl is angled for the perfect posture
  • It is anti-slip and anti-spill
  • Some breeds still have a problem eating from it


Why do French bulldogs have to use special bowls?

French bulldogs have flat faces and short necks. As such, they tend to struggle feeding from regular dog bowls. If they eat too fast, they might end up with bloating. It is why they need special bowls to minimize the cases of bloating.

What food bowls should you avoid if you own a French bulldog?

Stay away from plastic food bowls as they can easily scratch and end up harboring bacteria in those scratches. Also, they can be a health hazard as some dogs react to plastic.

What is the best material for French bulldog food bowl?

The use of stainless steel is often recommended for those who want something durable and safe. They are also easy to clean and hard to tip over.


The various best dog bowls for French bulldog in the guide above will help you feed the dog better. You might have seen some on an elevated stand while others angled so that you can feed the dog with ease. We recommend that you get yourself the right one depending on the size of the dog and other features as explained in the buying guide section. If you can get the correct dog bowls, you will start to see the improvement in the health of your pet a lot sooner.